Natalia Kills' New York Fashion Week Diary: The Singer Recaps the HONOR Show and More

Natalia Kills NYFW Fall 2014 Diary
Courtesy of Natalia Kills

Natalia Kills hits the HONORs show, hooks up with Paris Hilton and bathes her dog. It'll all makes sense in her recap.

Natalia Kills is one fiery dresser. The British dark-pop songstress makes wearing Versus Versace and Jeremy Scott a casual affair. So we tapped the edgy singer to be the latest fashion week correspondent for The Hook. From sitting front row at the Honor show to DJing the We the Urban party, Natalia took us behind the scenes and gave us the low down on her fashion week experience. Check out Natalia’s words below:

HONOR’s Fall 2014 Show Recap Feb. 10:

The day started the way every day should (but rarely does): I received a gift of three pairs of Vivienne Westwood jelly kitten heels for all my different outings. Added to my fluffy Agent Provocateur Loleata slippers and Walter Steiger sparklies, I had more than enough stuff to make a day of it! It was raining. No, actually it was snowing hard. Very hard. Not good. Not good at all. So I decided to wear a hat with my lilac HONOR blouse and high-waisted pencil skirt. And after throwing every coat and scarf I had across the room in frustration, I abandoned my plans to keep warm and chose hyper-chic over hypothermia.

So off I went downtown to the show. And as I walked in to be seated I realized that it was also snowing inside the building too! The clever people who make beautiful clothes appear from behind beautiful catwalks had taken a funny dig at the weather and designed the entrance to the walkway as a winter wonderland. Brilliant! The models appeared one by one, marching to the beat of yesteryear. Dress after dress floated by to the lullabies of ‘50s and 60s love songs. It was feminine and dramatic, and made me want to throw out every pair of trousers I own.

The colors were both muted and vivid; the shapes were both short and playful, and seductively long. All so delicately provocative and sensor, screaming to be tried on and taken off. My favorite pieces were the pastel chiffon floor length gowns with flowers on the arms and shoulders—especially the candy pink one with the Elizabethan high ruffled collar!

After the show was over I ran (well, not exactly) straight home and put on the first furry scarf I could find, just in case there'd be more 'snow' at the after parties!

WE THE URBAN PARTY at No. 8 on Feb. 12:

A good night is a night you can't remember. 

Thank god for photo evidence. My iPhone camera roll is a jigsaw puzzle of debauchery. All the things I fuzzily forget and gladly can't recall. It's better that way, because then you get to repeat the fun all over again the next morning trying to figure out exactly who that guy is photobombing you in the background and where exactly could your left shoe have gone! It's marvelous. Trust me.

I started the day without ending the last one, a night of fashion week party-hopping with my boyfriend Willy Moon. By 7am, just as I was taking off my make up for bed I realized we hadn't gotten our passport pictures taken for our visas to Russia next week. Oh great. 

Back in the house I had to give my dog Bambi a bath. The whole thing is confusing to her because she think's we're roommates who do everything together, and gets annoyed that she has to stay home all the time and guard my shoe collection. She does such a good job though. Oh well. 

When I went to sound check, I was nicely surprised that instead of having a predictable boring stage for the artists to perform on, they had an extra steep flight of stairs to strut (or fall head first) down! Not scary at all. Seriously though, I was really relieved to see a 6 ft. rotating crystal chandelier with a disco ball hanging from it as the main feature of the décor. At least that base was covered!

Quite amused and excited, I went and got ready for my friend Paris Hilton's birthday party and my performance at the We The Urban Magazine NYFW party. I remember wearing a tiara, something leather and a dangerously high pair of heels. That’s pretty much it, hopefully the photos tell a bit more. Let the jigsaw puzzle begin!