Betsey Johnson: Behind The Seams
Betsey Johnson: Behind The Seams

Welcome to Behind the Seams, a new video series where Billboard fashion columnist Gregory DelliCarpini Jr. talks to top designers about the connection between music and style.

"I never separated music from dressing," Betsey Johnson told The Hook at's recent shoot in the iconic designer's studio. During the conversation, Johnson opened up about her music-infused career, her earliest memories (all the way back to "Rock Around The Clock"), the enduring importance of Madonna, and much more.

Johnson began her career in fashion creating visual parties, combining her love of music, costume design and dancing into a single entity. Spanning the decades, Betsey has dressed everyone from Lou Reed (who claimed that Betsey "cut a good crotch") in the sixties, Madonna in the eighties, and recently, Katy Perry. For her most recent runway show, Johnson emulated the hysteria of Beatlemania in a 'Betseymania'-themed show, featuring remixed Beatles tracks and other choice songs from the 1950s and 1960s. Johnson's fashion is indistinguishable from the music scene that has historically embraced it and continues to embrace it now.

Photos: Behind The Seams and Betsey Johnson
Photographs taken during the Behind The Seams shoot at Johnson's bright yellow studio.

    Betsey Johnson
    Betsey Johnson

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