Kanye West Rants About Fashion on Twitter (Again)

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The rapper-turned-fashion-designer took to the 'net to detail all the menswear fashions he hates

We love a good Kanye West fashion tirade! The rapper took to Twitter on Saturday for yet another of his infamous rants. This time around, instead of articulating his fashion resume and many style accomplishments, Yeezy followed a weekend drive through New York with a list of menswear trends he loathes.

So what are some of 'Ye's fashion don't's? His twitter list, all seen in five blocks, included, "hoodies with sport coats," "khaki cargo shorts," "big ass striped scarves," "long ass sideburns with the line up R&B beard," and a look he rocked in his 2011 "Monster" video (left), "khaki trench coats with jeans and off-brand work out sneakers." Kanye ended the rant with the word "detest" and hashtag "#I'm on my snob." In the photo above, West rocks another look similar to those he hates, at New York Fashion Week 2011.