Katy Perry Makeover: Watch Her Colorist Transform A Fan

Katy and Caity.

Watch step-by-step as Perry's hair colorist, Rita Hazan, gives a fan the look of the star.

"I love doing her crazy colors because she's committed to it," Katy Perry's colorist Rita Hazan says of dyeing the hue-friendly pop star's tresses. But why should Perry have all the fun? In this new segment, The Hook brings fan Caitlin Maloney into Hazan's chair to get the full star treatment. Watch step-by-step -- in the photo gallery below and the video above -- as Maloney's bleached blonde 'do is transformed into Perry's purple by the hair wizard responsible for the spectrum of the "Firework" singer's coiffure.

PHOTOS: Katy Perry's Colorist Remakes a Fan's 'Do

"I mixed 10 different colors just to get that specific tone," the New York-based Hazan says. "Nothing I do makes any sense on the color wheel. I just follow my instincts and what I feel, I do."

Next, the salon's hair stylist Nelson Vercher and makeup artist Sandy Linter take over, turning Maloney's lavender locks into Perry's full-on look.