Lady Gaga Releases Very French Video Hyping Her Fragrance, 'Fame'

Lady Gaga Debuts Fame Film, Gets Tattoo at Fragrance Launch

In anticipation of her first perfume, Fame, Lady Gaga released a tres chic video called "Formulation" yesterday (July 18) via Twitter.

"So excited, gonna post a film by Todd Tourso, Reggie Know, Rob English, Kennith Robin. It's called "FORMULATION" and is for my fragrance FAME," Gaga tweeted to her 27.2 million followers. Watch the clip below:

The film-noir style, French language clip features bare-chested men putting together the "first ever black eau de parfum" in Haus Laboratory's Paris factory. Lingering shots detail the sexy assembly line, while a voiceover describes the ingredients: "Made from Pulverised Apricot, Crushed Heart of Tiger Orchidea, and Tears of Belladonna, this is the formula for Fame." The video also explains the fragrance's unique coloring by stating it is "black like the soul of fame.

"Formulation" comes on the heels of Gaga's somewhat controversial print ad for Fame, which was released Tuesday (July 17). That black & white photo, taken by famed photographer Steven Klein, features a naked and masked Gaga reclining as miniature men crawl on her body, cleverly obscuring her more scandalous parts.

Buzz for Fame first began in June, when a leaked photo of the bottle forced Gaga to unveil the design herself.

Lady Gaga's Fame is due out in September, which is proving to be a big month for the megastar. It's the same month when she is slated to announce her upcoming third studio album's name and grace the cover of "Vogue."