2011 Billboard Music Awards' 10 Best Dressed

2011 Billboard Music Awards' 10 Best Dressed

The Billboard Music Awards' 10 Best Dressed

Fashion expert Niki Schwan, the celebrity stylist who brought the world some of

The Billboard Music Awards' 10 Best Dressed

Taylor Swift


NIKI SCHWAN: "Speaking of a young starlet and the VaVaVoom factor, I have to mention Taylor Swift. She looked sparkly and classy enough to be the Billboard trophy herself! Her long golden strapless gown represented a fresh yet celebratory look. Kudos to the youngsters for keeping the fashion classic- a gentle reminder that the classics are timeless and always a style MUST."

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The Billboard Music Awards' 10 Best Dressed



NIKI SCHWAN: "Beyoncé, as usual, shut the performance down in her Mad Max/warrior attire. Nobody can disagree that B makes the sexiest warrior of all, and in her silver (barely there) warrior costume, everyone who laid eyes on her had no choice but to become mere mortals to her goddess."

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The Billboard Music Awards' 10 Best Dressed



NIKI SCHWAN: "Rihanna was a breath of fresh air in her classic white suit. Generally we are used to seeing Rihanna styled to the nines, so when she approached the red carpet in a classic and simple white loose suit, there was no question that this was a graceful appearance. She has become totally comfortable in her own skin and what a treat it is to her fans, to be able to see her at her best, in her least styled look to date. Rihanna, we love you looking so simple and at ease, MORE, MORE!"

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The Billboard Music Awards' 10 Best Dressed

Trey Songz


NIKI SCHWAN: "Did Trey Songz have on a beaded necklace? WHO CARES! With that smile and dimples, Trey will always be a hit on the red carpet. It seems that no matter what he wears, he always is strolling down the red carpet with swagger and ease. His loose, yet pulled together look always leaves the ladies swooning. And his shades are ALWAYS on point. So, perhaps the layered beaded necklace is the NEXT it thing for men? When it comes to Trey -- and those dimples -- it seems his style is never wrong!"

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The Billboard Music Awards' 10 Best Dressed

Keri Hilson


NIKI SCHWAN: "Keri Hilson was refreshing in another classic outfit reminiscent of the 60s. It was a nice surprise to see her lighting up the red carpet in her bright yellow dress in such a sleek and vintage 60's inspired style. Keri has such a girl next door appeal, and in this dress nobody can disagree."

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The Billboard Music Awards' 10 Best Dressed

Pitbull & Dancers


NIKI SCHWAN: "I have to be honest and admit that the back up dancers took center stage in the Ne-Yo/Pitbull performance. Usually the dancers are meant to blend in, but this particular look was 'stand-out'. I loved how the dancers killed the 1920's Vegas showgirls look; it was reminiscent of a flamboyant time during the days of prohibition-over the top, but it was well done, reflecting quality, sexiness, and showgirl appeal."

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The Billboard Music Awards' 10 Best Dressed

Nicki Minaj


NIKI SCHWAN: "Nicki Minaj, as usual, is a woman of many looks. If this was a circus, she would be the ring leader, the lion tamer, the tight rope walker, and just about every other entertainer. For Nicki, its all about bringing wild style. However, on stage she seemed the most at ease in her black presentation suit. Nicki is such a beautiful woman, it was refreshing to see her at her best in a simple and classic all-her black suit. All we could focus on was that fantastic smile and personality, her best "asset" to date."

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The Billboard Music Awards' 10 Best Dressed

Kylie Minogue


NIKI SCHWAN: "Ms. Minogue continues to prove that she gets classier as she gets older. Her classic black red carpet dress was sophisticated and perfectly understated, yet still sexy and feminine. And WOWEE over the sheer white crochet dress onstage. The look really nailed this summer's 70s trend (and what a perfect way to display that fantastic body). Kylie's fashion sense rarely disappoints -- she is a great example for young starlets on how to balance class with in-your-face sex appeal."

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The Billboard Music Awards' 10 Best Dressed

Justin Bieber


NIKI SCHWAN: "Justin Beiber was doing big things in his slick, gold smoking jacket. The look was reminiscent of Frank Sinatra or Dean Martin, with a touch of Elvis' flash. Is Justin possibly the new leader of today's "Brat Pack"? He sure looked the part."

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