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Fashion Week: Top 10 Songs We Want on the Runway

Fashion Week: Top 10 Songs We Want on the Runway

Not only does Fashion Week seduce and amaze us with the best in modern fashion, but the hottest in contemporary sound will also play its part in shaking the runway. From Lady Gaga premiering "Bad Romance" at Alexander McQueen's "Plato's Atlantis" Spring/Summer 2010 show to Adele's "Rolling in the Deep" heating up the tents at Marc Jacobs' show last season, the catwalk is more than just a place of gyrating color and fabric.

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Fashion Week has become a beacon for the freshest in sound to reveal itself to the world, and with the event beginning tomorrow (Sept. 8), we wanted to whet your appetites and give you our top picks for the songs we want to hear on the runway this season. So clear your hallway or living room, turn up the volume, and get ready to strut. Here are my picks for the top songs we want to hear on this year's Spring/ Summer 2012 catwalk!

Kanye West and Jay-Z -- "Otis"

Kanye and Jay-Z's brilliant reimagining of "Try a Little Tenderness" is begging to be on a runway. Already making waves in the fashion industry, this grungy and unfussy sound comes hot off an album ("Watch the Throne") whose cover was designed by the ultra chic Givenchy designer, Riccardo Tisci. Perhaps the bad boy melody will be shaking up the catwalk at Kanye's first signature show this fashion week? What do you think?

Lady Gaga -- "Bloody Mary"

Gaga has created a gritty, moody sketch of lust, religion and art of the past and present in "Bloody Mary." Inspired by both a dark character based in urban legends and England's bloodthirsty Queen Mary I, Gaga has constructed a murky, melancholy sound that would envelop a runway show with the same kind of mystery as a thick fog. The ghostly electro-pop song would brilliantly accentuate the aesthetics of Alexander Wang or Prabul Gurang collections.

The Rapture -- "How Deep Is Your Love"

The Rapture's intimate and delicate sound entices the listener while simultaneously teasing them with its post-punk guitars and dance tempo. This impressionistic sound creates an austere beauty that is both dynamic and vulnerable. It's perfect for those shows that tease with their shimmering beauty, but promise nothing in return, except, perhaps, credit card debt.

Florence + the Machine -- "What the Water Gave Me"

This red-haired siren has been attending shows both musically and physically for years. Her salutary and swanky sound has garlanded many of fashion week's hottest shows. Now the fiery singer is back with a new sound that once again beckons to be on the runway with its delicate and raspy roar.

Nicki Minaj feat. Eminem -- "Roman's Revenge"

Although Nicki challenges fashion concepts on the red carpet, the distinct diva has an impeccable talent for creating urban fantasy sounds that would heat up the catwalk. This hardcore and vigorous melody beats with a chaotic pulse that would challenge the fierceness of the runway model and highlight collections of both grunge and femininity.

G-Eazy Feat. Greg Banks -- "Runaround Sue"

Nothing is more exiting than when you hear a retro sound remixed in a dazzling, original way. This vintage rock beat was sprinkled with a new age glitter as G-Eazy took this iconic 1960s song and injected it with a modern grunge. With a throwback flare already igniting this years men's Spring/ Summer 2012 runway shows, we can't help but think it will trickle into women's-wear, making this song an ideal mix.

Gym Class Heroes -- "Stereo Hearts"

Not only does GCH's dynamic sound make our hearts beat wildly, but hearing this track also would shake up the catwalks with its fresh, urban beat.

Miracles Club -- "Light of Love" (Cut Copy Re-Vison)

The hypnotic, bubbling rhythms of "Light of Love" shimmer with the glamour and intrigue of modern psych-pop. Creating a sharply focused beauty, the subtle percussion rhythms and delicate beat would spotlight summer's latest romantic billowing dresses.

L-Vis 1990 - "Lost In Love"

Pulling inspiration from the grime of inner city life, L-Vis 1990 mashes a selection of rhythms together with his latest album "Neon Dreams." This diverse dance song unfolds with the excitement and energy of a fumbling romance. Love, lust, and intrigue fuse together in this tempo, creating a neon dream destined for the runway.

Kanye West and Jay Z -- "Ni**as in Paris"

Kanye and Jay's "Watch the Throne" will surely be the darling of Fashion Week, and "Ni**as in Paris"'s eccentric and unapologetic tempo beats with a cool confidence that would accentuate a collection steeped in leather and authority.

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