DJ Mia Moretti Mixes for Rebecca Minkoff at Fashion Week

DJ Mia Moretti Mixes for Rebecca Minkoff at Fashion Week

The Hook caught up with DJ Mia Moretti backstage at the Rebecca Minkoff Spring 2012 show to get her tips on mixing hot sounds for the runway. Her process, I learned while we both lusted over the shoes in the collection at Fashion Week, comes in three stages.

1) "First I went into the studio and checked out the look boards and the collection. At that moment you have the songs that instantly pop into your head. Like for the Santa Fey, girly rock looks of the line immediately reminded me of The Beatles and Donovan. I pictured the girls strutting down the runway to 'Sunshine Superman,' but we didn't want people to think seventies rock."

2) "So for the next stage we sat down and looked at why we liked these songs and what about them worked. I thought of a cover of 'Addicted to Love' by Florence Welch, and Rebecca [Minkoff] immediately loved the idea, being a huge fan of Florence. That girl can do no wrong."

3) "Then once you have the first song you build everything else around it as much as you can because it is never really ready until right before the show. Your never going to know until the show is styled. You think 'don't you want to get this out of the way?'"

This proved to be true as Mia was still tweaking the track during our interview. "Then we have one of my favorite songs right now 'Deprime' by Sylvie Vartan, a French cover of 'Sweet Dreams.' There was another song by the Blow called 'True Affection' I didn't use it but wow, It is my favorite song for the summer!"

Mia's Runway Playlist:
"Addicted To Love," Florence + The Machine

"Déprime (Sweet Dreams)," Sylvie Vartan

"Pumped Up Kids," Foster The People

"40 Day Dream," Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros