Lykke Li Performs at DKNY Show: 'I'm Not Into Fashion'

Lykke Li Performs at DKNY Show: 'I'm Not Into Fashion'

One of the final shows of New York Fashion Week, the DKNY American Express Cardmember Only Show, brought an electrifying and unexpected music/fashion convergence to the tents. Swedish singer, Lykke Li, performed live as models strutted down the catwalk to her blend of pop, indie rock and electronic sounds. Perched at the tip of the runway, Lykke's transient melody created a tempo filled with vigor for the show. Lykke and Donna both share a nonchalant, ultra-cool style and love of all things black, but not the same views on the marriage of music and fashion.

Before the show I went backstage to catch up with the always-chic Donna Karan and Lykke to chat music and fashion. "You can't separate the two," Donna Karan said to me backstage. Clad in a bold necklace that she designed in Haiti the designer revealed to The Hook how her fashion week has been. "Love it! It's ending!" she said with a burst of energy. "But today is great more for the fact that it is the last day of fashion week. This show is special because it reveals to the consumer what's in the stores now. She can literally walk out of tonight's show and buy a look she thought was hot on the runway."

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How did Donna Karan go about selecting Lykke to perform? "New York is live, New York is hip, New York is music, and Lincon Center brings it all together," she said. "I wanted to bring that level of excitement to tonight's show."

What is her top mix on her iPod right now? "My mediation mix" she said to me before being whisked away to prep for the show.

The Swedish singer-songwriter who performed "I Follow Rivers," "Love Out of Lust," and "Get Some" at the show, wouldn't agree with Ms. Karan's statement about fashion and music being one in the same.

"That's the thing, I'm not a fashion person, I don't go to many shows. I read books, listen to music, and meditate, I'm not into fashion" she said to me when asked about fashion week.

It turns out Lykke is listening to an ecclectic mix of artists these days, including Texas folk legend Townes Van Zandt, rock icon Neil Young and "Please Stay" by The Crying Shame.

What's next for the singer? "I'm going to Singapore on Sunday, then I'm going an Australian tour, then touring around so that exciting," she told me. "I am also learning transcendental meditation right now."