Burberry Teams With The Feeling For Sexy Song & Ad: Watch
Burberry Teams With The Feeling For Sexy Song & Ad: Watch

What do you get when you mix one of England's great fashion houses with a hot U.K. band? Watch below, as Burberry becomes the first-ever fashion brand to launch its very own music single -- courtesy of The Feeling.

The British fashion house is propelling the role of a musician beyond just a pretty face or muse by involving the Irish pop-rock band in the creative process. Burberry Creative Director Christopher Bailey wanted to create an "iconic" soundtrack from The Feeling to accompany the house's new fragrance, Burberry Body.

The band re-worked an old song, "Rosé," with the dapper designer label self-releasing the string version of the track. "We kept it very simple, but the strings give it a feeling of refinement and also heighten the emotions in the song," The Feeling frontman Dan Gillespie Sells says.

I can't decide which is more erotic -- the video or the sound. Either way, I have never seen a trench look so sexy. This Burberry ad is slated for international release next month.

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