The Jane Doze’s 10 Tips for DJing at New York Fashion Week Shows and Parties

Jane Doze
Shervin Lainez

Fashion editor Gregory Dellicarpini Jr. met up with the DJ duo at the Marc by Marc Jacobs show last night (Feb. 11) in the Amex Skybox at NYC’s Lincoln Center and got their advice on how to keep models moving and the audience grooving during NYFW.

The Jane Doze have been making waves in the mashup music scene for over a year. The DJ duo has opened for fellow DJs Diplo & A-Trak, spun at a Grammy kick-off party and headlined a show with at the Cosmopolitan in Vegas.

The Doze are taking the next step in the production game by teaming up with EDM group Cash Cash to create an original remix of Katy Perry's latest hit "Part Of Me." We caught up with this creative duo at NYFW's American Express Skybox and got their 10 tips for creating a fist pump-worthy runway mix.

Do Your Homework

“Spend some time on Hype Machine finding new music or remixes of old jams. Robyn, Marina & The Diamonds and Passion Pit are a few of our perennial favorites. Avoid songs that are too ‘avant-garde’ or ‘minimalistic.’ Give the people something they can strut to. This is fashion week after all!”

Know the Designer 

“Know everyone, from the clothing to the consumer and cater your playlist to the brand. If you can, wear an item from a present or past season.”

Don't Wear Heels

“DJing means standing. Always have a lightweight pair of flats in your bag to throw on when you're running between sets and in and out of cabs!”

Put The Drink Down

“Fashion week parties mean free drinks, but go easy on the cocktails. You never know when your photograph will end up in Vogue!”

Strike a Pose

“If [model] Cara Delevingne wants to try her hand at spinning, let her. And make sure to get in on the photo opp.”

Dress Hot

“Wear something no one else will have: custom headphones. We love our V-Modas.”

Be Overly Prepared

“Lincoln Center and Bryant Park aren't your standard DJ-friendly venues. Triple check that you have everything you need. Chances are you won't be able to find that missing RCA to XLR cable in the tents! Make a Guitar Center stop after you get your nails done and grab a few of these. You'll thank us later!”

Go for Mexican After

“Have the address of a good Mexican restaurant on hand. You'll work up an appetite and guacamole always hits the spot.”

When in Doubt Use Timberlake

“If all else fails, throw on some new Justin Timberlake.”

Don’t Forget about Your Nails

“Get a gel manicure the day before fashion week starts. DJing does a number on your nails and they'll definitely be on display.”