The Beat 10/15: Snoop Sells Hot Pockets, Bruce Springsteen Campaigns for Obama

Snoop Dogg, whose love of the Chronic is almost as widely-known as his fondness for "Gin & Juice," was arrested in Oct. 2006 after airport authorities found marijuana and a gun in his car.

Welcome to the Monday, October 15 edition of "The Beat,"'s daily music news show, featuring host Jonathan Brooks running down the latest music news -- who's making headlines and who's topping the charts.

In today's episode, J.B. dishes on Bruce Springsteen -- who's joining Bill Clinton to campaign for President Obama -- Snoop Dogg (or Lion, if you prefer) and his Hot Pockets commercial, Eric Clapton's big money maker, Rick Springfield's NYC subway gig, and more. Tune in below!

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