615 Spotlight: Breelan Angel Bringing a 'Lot of Sass' to Debut Album

Breelan Angel

Meghan Heller of Digimeg

From attending CRS to developing friendships at radio, Texas newcomer has been hard at work on the road of late promoting her feisty new single "Halfway to Wasted," which recently cracked the Billboard Indicator chart.

"We did our first radio tour about a year ago when we released our first single. That was my first experience out on the road talking to people. It's been really fun communicating with them on Twitter."

Music has long been important to Angel, as she recalled for The 615. "I was singing some karaoke one summer on vacation with my family. I had always loved to sing growing up, but I think I lacked a lot of confidence in doing it. So, after doing that, people encouraged me to pursue it. I think I was scared to take that leap. It's such a scary path. But, when I was sitting in class at college, I just realized that I had such a need to create."

Over the past couple of years, the songstress has also worked at developing her talent as a songwriter, collaborating with such heavy-hitters as Bernie Nelson, Rachel Thibodeau, and Larry Weiss. She says she enjoys rising to the challenge. "My very first co-write was so intimidating. But, they knew that I was new and that I needed to learn. It was crazy sitting in a room with someone who has created songs that I had listened to over and over and loved so much. I've been so fortunate to write with them."

Angel just completed work on her forthcoming album, which she hopes will be released this spring. She said that the sounds are going to be very diverse. "I think people are going to hear a little bit of that Texas style, since I was born and raised on that. You'll hear some Nashville, a lot of sass, and a lot of emotional stuff. It's all over the place, but in a good way."

The singer recently experienced a career milestone when she was asked to open for Country Music Hall of Fame member Loretta Lynn. "The day I got that phone call, I fell to my knees and cried," she said emotionally. "My dad called and said 'You're never going to believe this. Guess who you're opening for?' I couldn't believe it. I lost it. Even that day, there was something so surreal. I kept looking around not believing it was happening. When I talk about it, it's still unreal."

What was the experience like? "She was very sweet. She told me I looked beautiful, and thanked me for opening for her. She had on one of her big dresses, and she made it a point to tell everybody not to step on her dress. I would be the same way!"