615 Spotlight: Emily Kopp Finds 'Serendipity'

Emily Kopp

Shauna Hundeby

Emily Kopp is an artist who definitely learned about the music business from both sides of the stage. "I started out working at the arena on campus," she told Billboard, referring to The University of Central Florida. "After that, I worked for a talent buyer. I kind of got my feet wet in the booking realm and the live music aspect kind of things. That was an internship, so to make money, I started working as an artist runner. I was tending to the bands, getting there as they would load in. I was pretty much on call throughout the day, being the middle contact between the venue and the tour managers. I learned a lot about the day of show production end of things."

One experience of her time spent behind-the-scenes was getting to work with Brandi Carlile. "I knew that she was going to be playing there, and my boss would submit me to open for certain artists on a local level. It turned out that she had tour support for that date in Orlando, but they weren't able to be in Athens or Gainesville. So, I was able to get on the bill for those two dates. I flew to Athens and opened for her there. It was mind-blowing. It solidified my desire to play music for a living. Her live show was so incredible."

That motivation has served Kopp well, as she has just released her album "Serendipity Find Me" (listen above). She says that her musical style runs all over the stylistic map. "I have more of a soul singers' voice, but I know that melody and production wise, there's more of a pop sound. There's also a folk aspect, as well. I would call it soulful folk, maybe. I'm not sure how to categorize it. I'm still working on my sound. I love pop music, and I love folk music, so I'm still learning how to merge those elements together."

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One aspect of the album that Kopp claims was exhilarating was writing for it. "That's been a big learning experience," she claims. "It's been a lot about coming of age topics, early 20s-something topics, and trying to articulate it in a way in a unique way that people can relate to. I'm just trying to write about what I'm going through right now. I've also been co-writing a lot, and that's been a neat experience."

One song the singer says was extremely personal was "When We Fight." She said the lyrics are ones that have been lived. "That song is pretty straight forward and true, as far as content goes. I know a lot of songs tend to be exaggerated, but that one is pretty true to itself. it's a true story about getting into a heated argument with someone you're extremely in love in. The inspiration comes from the good, as well as the bad times."

As for right now, Kopp is wearing many hats. Not only is she the artist, but also a promoter, publicist, and booking agent. It's not exactly what she's hoping for long-term, but she admits it makes for a great learning experience.

"First and foremost, that building genuine relationships with people is the key to navigating upwards. The people that I have met that are willing to be a part of this, and are willing to help have been slowly building my team. I've met a lot of people that have supported and believed in me. I've learned that the hustle is probably the most important part about being an independent artist now. it's exhausting, but for right now I feel I'm learning. I'm appreciating the grind. When I do have a team, I'll still have a knowledge of all the experiences I've had. I'll be more appreciative of the free time I could have to focus on music and not think all the time about the business stuff."

Emily will be hosting an album release party on December 28 at C&I Studios in Fort Lauderdale. For tickets, go here.