Kip Moore

Kip Moore

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Kip Moore has had an undeniable streak of success as of late, as his string of successes has resulted in a nomination for the New Artist Of The Year prize at the upcoming 47th Annual Country Music Association Awards. The singer has just announced that "Young Love" will be the lead single from his widely-anticipated sophomore disc for MCA Nashville. He tells Billboard it's a song that mirrors real life for himself and the writers. 

Young Love Live

"It's a 'Us against the world' kind of thing. The guys I wrote it with -- Westin Davis and Dan Couch -- we were talking with Dan about his marriage and the struggles they went through to get where they are. Then, we got to talking about being younger kids. I remember being sixteen in Panama City, and sneaking away with this girl I really liked. You get in trouble, and the parents hate you for it. We just started talking about the crazy things you will do for that person. It's one of those songs where it's you against everybody else, and you make it through."

Moore is not wasting any time in releasing the single, as his "Hey Pretty Girl" -- the final single from his debut -- only recently peaked at No. 2 on the Billboard Country Airplay chart over the summer. Even so, Moore says "I wish it had come out even quicker. I'm not one to sit back and wait too long. I'm ready to get going. I've had the record done for a little while now, and I'm ready for people to get to hear it." 

He recently began performing the song on the road, and says early response has been great. "We did it for the first time two weeks ago. We've been playing it every show since. It's been killer so far. I think it's one of those songs where you have to absorb it, but they seem to love it."

He says that trying songs out live is something that he enjoys doing. "I'm not one of those artists who is fearful about playing anything. I'll write something and play it that night. That's how you can find out what's what. Some songs get an immediate reaction, and some take time. It doesn't mean the ones that get the immediate reaction are the best ones. Sometimes, the crowd has to absorb them more than others."

Kip Moore

The track was co-written by Moore, along with Dan Couch and Westin Davis. Couch helped Moore to pen "Hey Pretty Girl" and "Somethin' Bout A Truck." Moore says there is nobody that he would rather be working with. "Dan has been like a brother. We met years ago, and he had a choice to sign a publishing deal. But, he believed in the stuff we were writing so much that he declined, and kept his publishing. He barely scraped by, but thankfully, it's paid off.  He has an amazing story. He's been in town sixteen years, and never had a single, and now we're kind of riding this wave together."

The chemistry the two have in collaboration is undeniable, Moore says. "When you have someone who believes in you when you're at the bottom, it's a great feeling. We trust each other 100 percent when we're writing, and that's the main thing in a writing room is trust. We're not scared to go for things, and we don't think about if radio will play a song or will they not, we just write the best thing we can."

Moore will kick off his own headlining dates for the BURN THE WHOLE WORLD DOWN Tour kicking off Nov. 15 in Jacksonville, FL and going through Dec. 14. In January, he will join Lady Antebellum for their TAKE ME DOWNTOWN TOUR. The single will be released to iTunes in November.