Dolly Parton Raps, References Miley During 'Queen Latifah Show' Spot

Dolly Parton: singer, amusement park magnate, actress... and rapper?

The country star is putting in an appearance on Queen Latifah's talk show next Monday (Oct. 21) to promote her appearance in a new Christmas film, and according to a preview video clip posted to Latifah's YouTube page today, she's getting in touch with her hip-hop side as well.

Donning an enormous afro and some enormous gold chains, since that's apparently a quintessential aspect of having a rap game, the 67-year-old Parton rhymes her way through a short rap that includes Parton telling Latifah to "stick that in her pipe and smoke it," as well as a quick reference to Miley Cyrus and twerking.

"I'm tweaking," she laughs, "I'm working, I'm twerking. Hey Miley, I've got your wrecking balls right here." One can probably guess what body part to which she's referring.

Parton's "Queen Latifah Show" spot comes ahead of "A Country Christmas Story," the new Lifetime film the country artist is set to star in. On the Monday broadcast, she'll also perform "Miss You Miss Me" from the movie, which premieres Nov. 9.