Gloriana, Thriving After 'Scary' Year, Release 'Thousand Miles Left Behind'
Gloriana, Thriving After 'Scary' Year, Release 'Thousand Miles Left Behind'

Nashville trio Gloriana has emerged as one of the country music's biggest success stories of 2012. The group -- consisting of brothers Tom and Mike Gossin and Rachel Reinert -- has bounced back after the abrupt departure of former member Cheyenne Kimball in 2011 and returned with their strongest music to date. The band's new album, "A Thousand Miles Left Behind," features the single "(Kissed You) Good Night," which has climbed all the way to the top five on Billboard's Country Songs chart -- and the momentum behind the band is still growing strong.

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Before Gloriana takes the stage at Billboard and Pepsi's Summer Beats concert in Nashville on Monday, June 30, which will be streamed live on, you can check out "A Thousand Miles…" right here, in its entirety. The disc is a mixture of lively, up-tempo tracks such as "Sunset Lovin'" and "Go Ahead… Miss Me," as well as ballads that showcase their clear and pristine harmonies, such as "Soldier Song" and the hit-to-be "Carolina Rose."

Below, the band members give us their personal take on how each of the album's songs came together.

1. "Gold Rush" (written by Tom Gossin, Matt Serletic, Tommy Lee James)
Tom Gossin: "Back when Gloriana started, Matt Serletic called us after hearing our demo and asked us to fly to L.A. to meet with him. I started to think about how some people are always trying to track down fame in Hollywood. I thought about how the last time people were in such a hurry to get to California was during the Gold Rush in the 1800s. You could go out there, strike gold, and get rich overnight. In the song I'm drawing a parallel between the two. Back then, it was about physical gold, whereas the gold of today is the allure of fame. It plays into a recurring theme on the record: All the things you had back home will always be more important than the illusion of fame."

2. "Sunset Lovin'" (written by Mike Gossin, Matt Serletic, Hillary Lindsey)
Mike Gossin: "I was driving a golf cart one day after a festival and it proceeded to break down about a mile away from the venue. I didn't have my cell phone, so I just decided to hang with some fans at a nearby RV park and wait for somebody to find me. There was this one couple in a car making out, totally oblivious to everything around them. The song was written about that young and rare moment when you were having the perfect night, with the perfect girl, in the perfect place and do not care about the where, what and when of it all -- and the world stopping around you."

3. "Wanna Take You Home" (written by Tom Gossin, Matt Serletic, Wendell Mobley)
Tom Gossin: "I wrote 'Wanna Take You Home' as a sort of tribute to all the hot women who get up and dance to our songs at shows, which is not only fun to watch but it can take a show atmosphere from a zero to a 10 really quickly. After playing so many gigs in line-dancing bars, I wanted to give fans a fun, upbeat song that they could really dance to, and it's been great to see the response."

4. "(Kissed You) Good Night" (written by Tom Gossin, Josh Kear)
Tom Gossin: "A lot of the songs on the album talk about the person we would all like to be. You can have your alter ego come in and do all the things you can't really do in real life, like not making the first move at the end of a date, but wishing you had. This is a song about the attempt to never end up with regrets. That's another theme on the album -- the worst thing is to look back on something and be like, 'I wish I had done things differently.'"

5. "Carolina Rose" (written by Tom Gossin, James Slater, Karen Rochelle)
Tom Gossin: "This song is about my fiancée Jaime. We dated for ten years, on and off. One of our big splits happened when I went on the road with Gloriana for the first time. We were living together in Wilmington, N.C., and I got the call saying, 'You guys are going to open for Taylor Swift. You start in a couple of days.' I asked, 'When will we be back so I know how much to pack?' And they said, 'We don't know.' Jaime and I went from being together everyday to never seeing each other, still trying to hold our relationship together, which would be hard for anybody. This song is our story."

6. "Go On…Miss Me" (written by Mike Gossin, Rachel Reinert, Matt Serletic)
Rachel Reinert: "Loosely based on one of my own experiences, this song is about a dirt bag boyfriend. He cheats on her, lies and they break up. Even though she's devastated, as time goes on, her life turns out awesome and he ends up being a loser. He realizes that she's the one who got away. I really wanted to write a song that a lot of girls could relate to and encourage them to stand up for themselves. The guy treating them like crap is the one who's going to regret having been such a jerk. I think we have all been there at one time or another."

7. "Can't Shake You" (written by Tom Gossin, Stephanie Bentley, James Slater)
Tom Gossin: "The song is about dealing with a break-up where you are still living in the same town and running in the same circle of friends. There's no communication but you're suffering inside. You want to know what the other person is doing but you don't want to look like you want to know. You go to the places where you used to hang out and hope that they don't walk in with someone else. The song is about not being able to shake somebody and realizing that maybe you have found the person that you need to work things out with."

8. "Soldier Song" (written by Tom Gossin, Mike Gossin, Matt Serletic)
Tom Gossin: "We were honored to be given the chance to perform for troops stationed in Europe and the Middle East and to visit the aircraft carriers USS Harry Truman and the USS Abraham Lincoln. We lived their life for two weeks, staying with the soldiers in their barracks, on the Navy ships, and on the aircraft carriers. We wanted to write a song about it to let them know how thankful we are, seeing the sacrifices they make and just say thank you. We wanted it to be a positive, uplifting song rather than a sad moment because we noticed that the soldiers we spent time with over there were so positive. To face that much adversity day after day and remain that positive, I thought, was really a beautiful thing."

Mike Gossin: "Tom and I come from a family where our grandfathers both served in World War II. One was in the Army and one was in the Navy, We also have cousins in the Army serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. We were so moved meeting the troops overseas. 'Soldier Song' is a tribute to all who serve our country."

9. "Turn My World Around" (written by Mike Gossin, Matt Serletic, Josh Kear)
Mike Gossin: "Before Gloriana, I was living in North Carolina. I was broke. I didn't have a car. I was sleeping on Tom's couch. I was pretty down and out and just getting by playing acoustic gigs with Tom making like $50 a night. I was in a rut thinking, 'Is anything ever going to happen?' The song is about meeting somebody who changed my point of view about the situation and pulled me out of that bad place and saved me."

10. "Doin' It Our Way" (written by Rachel Reinert, Matt Serletic, Danny Myrick)
Rachel Reinert: "For this record, we really wanted to write about things that we know so the songs that I co-wrote all have significance to me. They ended up being significant to Tom and Mike as well. On this song, we wanted to capture the essence of being a young adult -- where you're still young, but you have your freedom. It's kind of an anthem for having fun on a Friday night with your friends."

11. "Where My Heart Belongs" (written by Rachel Reinert, Danny Myrick, Matt Serletic)
Rachel Reinert: "For me, this is one of the most personal songs on the record. It's about the innocence of childhood. From the ages of one to six, I lived in Marietta, Ga., with my family. Some of my fondest memories are of those times, like running through the sprinklers on summer days. We had this huge magnolia tree in the back yard that I thought was the most beautiful thing on earth. I wanted to reflect on that carefree childhood vibe and how circumstances change as we grow older. My parents have since split up and everyone has moved on with their lives. I wanted to express in a subtle way that even though things change, memories remain and will always be something that everyone cherishes."