Gloriana, Thriving After 'Scary' Year, Release 'Thousand Miles Left Behind'
Gloriana, Thriving After 'Scary' Year, Release 'Thousand Miles Left Behind'

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Gloriana has July 31 circled on their calendar for a couple of reasons. For the male members of the group -- brothers Tom and Mike Gossin, it's their mothers' birthday. It's also the release date for the group's highly anticipated sophomore album, "A Thousand Miles Left Behind." The album is the first since 2009 for the act, as well as their very first as a trio. Singer-guitarist Mike Gossin says that he hopes fans will be impressed with the effort's slightly different sound.

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"I think the reason why the new album has more of an organic feel is the maturity is due to the experience we've earned out on the road. I think the more you do anything, the more you learn," he tells Billboard. "We've been touring for the past four or five years, and that, along with watching some of our favorite musicians play, and writing with some of our favorite songwriters out of Nashville has helped us to grow. I think that's what we were looking for. That's what we wanted to accomplish on this record."

Gossin also credits their producer with the sound and direction of the album. "Matt Serletic is amazing. He's so talented, and has taught us so much."

Harmony is a key ingredient of the Gloriana sound, according to Gossin. "I think we have our own sound. Between our own individual voices, the fact that you've got two brothers whose voices mesh so well together, and Rachel Reinert's voice being so beautiful, I think there is something that sets us apart, definitely. We've tightened it up over the years, have made the adjustment from a four piece to a three piece, and I feel that we are coming into our own."

Though the band enjoyed success with their singIes prior to former member Cheyenne Kimball leaving the group, Gossin says that watching the set's first single, "(Kissed You) Good Night," climb the charts -- currently at No. 3 on Hot Country Songs -- has been a great experience.

Gloriana Full Album Premiere and Track-By-Track Review

"It has been a completely different experience for all of us, and it's been very emotional. With everything that we have gone through in the past year, there have been some scary times. We didn't know what we were going to do with the band. We knew we weren't going to give up. But, to see everybody from the fans to the radio team at Warner Brothers to the label and everybody involved rally behind the band, and show their love and support for this group and the music that we make has been amazing. To see the record go up the charts, we didn't expect it. We were really down on ourselves with everything that happened. We couldn't be happier. It's almost like there are no words to describe how thankful we are."

Helping Gloriana to make it through those times of uncertainty has been the fans, he says. "I really think that the fans pushed us through everything. I don't know if we lost our faith, but a little bit of our confidence. The support from the fans got us through it. We can't thank them enough. They show up night after night and continue to show us support through everything. That's the reason why we are still here."

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