615 Spotlight: Claudia Lee Shows Heart
615 Spotlight: Claudia Lee Shows Heart

'Hart of Dixie' Actress Marries Country & Rap in '3-Leaf Clover'

With a music career that is rapidly growing, and a role on a television series that is one of the most popular among young adults, newcomer Claudia Lee is positioning herself among the fastest rising artists in showbiz. It's a natural thing for the performer, who has always loved being in front of people.

"When I was little, I would perform for my family, and close family friends," she tells Billboard. "One of the things I would do - my dad had set up a little stage in my room and would video tape me singing. I think I sang to Cher once, and my Dad has a lot of footage that he can embarrass me with when I'm older," she says with a smile. "When we would have friends over, we would have little plays - I would play guitar and sing. So, I always had that creative streak in me."

That creative streak comes through brightly on Lee's new single, "3 Leaf Clover," from her debut album "Here Right Now." Of the tune, a daring hybrid of rap and country, she says that it's one that has a deep meaning for her. "The inspiration behind '3 Leaf Clover' was to convey a very unique message. It is a song that is an anthem for owning the person that you are, and believing in yourself. Finding a 4-Leaf Clover is rare and magical, and that magic is hidden in this song. I love this song because it is very empowering for women and it allows one to be free of insecure feelings."

Having already broken the ice at radio with "Hollywood Sunset," the teen-age entertainer has made a name for herself as a double-threat. She currently stars in the popular series "Hart Of Dixie" and she is excited about the upcoming season of the CW series.

"I'm thrilled to explore more of my character Magnolia," she says. "I believe in this season the viewers will see her grow up, and mature. All I can say is that there is going to be a lot of interesting twists and turns, and the viewers will grow to love the show even more."

Lee says she can see the impact that the series has had on her musical career. "I started in television, and I'm so thankful for the opportunity. I gained many experiences from working on sound stages, and the experience has developed my career and helped me become a more focused actor."

She also hopes to one day direct and produce in the film and TV industry.

And, speaking of the future, Lee is very excited, although 2012 hasn't been too bad. "I spent over a year and a half recording the album and when it was released I was thrilled! It is something that means a lot to me. There have been many exciting things that I have experienced this year, and I know my future is bright. Most importantly, I'm just so lucky to be living my dream. I have to pinch myself because I am truly blessed!"