Bellamy Brothers Return to Gospel Music on New Album
Bellamy Brothers Return to Gospel Music on New Album

Back in 2007, the Bellamy Brothers released "Jesus Is Coming," their very first Gospel disc. The set received enough attention from critics and fans that the veteran duo decided to release a follow-up, "Pray For Me." David Bellamy told Billboard that making the first album was such an enjoyable experience that they wanted to do it again. "I think we had a collection of really good songs, and that's what usually leads us to put an album together."

Something that "Pray For Me" features that is a little different from a normal Bellamys album is a cover song, as the duo adds their touch on the Norman Greenbaum classic "Spirit In The Sky. "That's one of my favorite Gospel / Rock tunes from the 60s and 70s. We played around with it, and figured out how to get that fuzzy guitar tone on it, and we were able to get a version of it. We had a lot of fun on that one, as well as doing the entire album."

David said their fans had been asking them to record "Jesus Is Coming" for a long time, so it was only natural to consider a second disc of Gospel-themed material. "Our fans really seemed to like it a lot. It seemed to go over really well, particularly "Lord Help Me Be The Kind Of Person (My Dog Thinks I Am)." David reflected "That's the kind of songs we grew up on."

One such song on the new album is "God Ain't Finished With Me Yet." He said he feels a lot of people can identify - himself included. "I think that really speaks to a lot of people. You have a spirituality, but you also know you're imperfect. I think it's a work in progress with a lot of us."

Writing for an album such as "Pray For Me" is a different process than trying for a secular release, he allowed. "I think the difference is that you're not aiming it at anything - you're not neccessarily trying to get it on the radio as a single. So, there's not a lot of pressure. We're doing the album because we want to do it because we enjoy singing and writing that music. That freedom is very enjoyable to us."

For the past two decades, the Bellamy Brothers have enjoyed freedom to make the kind of music they want - on their own label. "That's been really great," David stressed. "Of course, in the beginning, we repackaged some of our greatest hits together with some new songs, because it was such a new thing. It's been very successful, and the "way we like to operate. We did do a couple things with Curb, but those were special projects, and we never did sign with a label."