615 Spotlight: Cloverdayle Talk 'Kids,' Tour
615 Spotlight: Cloverdayle Talk 'Kids,' Tour

Chad and Rachel Hamar, who comprise rising new country duo Cloverdayle, admit that there are many different sounds that influenced them on their debut single "Like We Were Kids Again," as well as their album "9 Miles Down A Ten Mile Road."

"Both of us came such a diverse background of what our parents listened to, as well as what we listened to growing up," expressed Rachel. "We still listen to so many different types of music, but with us being songwriters, our music sounds like us. We either wrote or co-wrote everything on the album. There's everything from rock to pop to classic country."

Rachel's earliest influences were singer-songwriters such as Carole King and James Taylor. For her husband, he can narrow it down to one album.

"Bobbie Gentry's Ode to Billie Joe was a favorite album of mine that my father had," he recalls. In fact, the duo has made one of her songs a key element of their live show. "We cover 'Mississippi Delta,' and with Rachel's voice, when I first heard her sing, it reminded me of Bobbie Gentry. It had a soulful country vibe."

The two grew up in Oregon, and met after high school. "When I started attending the same junior college that Chad did in Portland, we really began to know each other. We started performing, writing, and dating right away. We've been together ever since," says Rachel.

The duo is promoting their debut single to radio, and Rachel says that it's one that struck a chord with both of them. "This is a song we wrote with our friends up in Portland. Chad wanted to write a song about being a kid again when things were simple with tree houses, we sat on the decks, had a concept, and each of us came up with things we remembered, and things that are different when you're an adult. It wrote itself very quickly."

Though they still reside in Oregon, Rachel says they travel to Nashville quite often, and admits there is something very intoxicating about the well of creativity that exists there. "It's awesome, because there is that sense of community, and people have each other's backs."

About to embark on a full-fledged radio tour, how do they mix marriage and the road? Rachel smiles and says "A lot of couples should not do what we do because it's very volatile, I suppose, but it's always worked for us really, really well. We toured several years ago in a big RV for about nine months, and everyone assumed we would either come back pregnant or divorced, and neither happened. It takes a lot of communication, and a sense of humor, but it works well."