615 Spotlight: Jaida Dreyer's 'Confessions'
615 Spotlight: Jaida Dreyer's 'Confessions'

Ontario native Jaida Dreyer knows how fortunate she is. The artist, currently promoting her single, "Confessions," was handpicked by highly esteemed producer Byron Gallimore to be the flagship artist for his new Streamsound label.

"I've kind of gotten used to it," she says with a smile, while admitting "I used to get really nervous about it. It's such an honor and very flattering that he chose me. You won't find a bigger fan of me or my songwriting than Byron Gallimore."

Jaida Performs 'Confessions'

Interestingly enough, it was songwriting that Dreyer thought she wanted to succeed at when she moved to Music City.

"I really had no aspirations to be an artist. Obviously, it was something that I always wanted growing up, but I never thought it was tangible. When I moved to Nashville, I didn't know one single person. I wasn't a rich girl with daddy's money that moved here to be a star," she stated. "I knew I didn't sound like everyone on the radio, so I figured my place was being a songwriter. Being the realist that I am, I was ok with that. Little did I know that people would like my voice one day for the exact reason I thought they wouldn't."

Dreyer credits her mother for showcasing her to the classic sounds of country music early on.

"She and my grandfather were fans of really traditional country music, like Hank Snow, Ernest Tubb, and Loretta Lynn. I really delved into that stuff and educated myself," she said, allowing that having a sense of history is important. "Now, that I'm doing this, to know where you're going - you've got to respect where you're coming from as an industry. I listened to a lot of Lorrie Morgan and Tanya Tucker, but also also Alanis Morissette and Jewel. I really listened to a lot of everything."

"Confessions," which spent five weeks on Billboard's Hot Country Songs chart (peaking at No. 57), is something she's excited about these days.

"It's really great to get a call from the label to tell me it's moved up on the charts. It's a song I co-wrote with two of my good friends, Robert Ellis Orrall and Angelo Petraglia, who produces Kings of Leon. It was a very interesting collaboration. It's a fun, uptempo song, and has been a favorite of the fans since I started playing it live. It's on iTunes. I've got my fingers crossed that people don't get sick of hearing it."

One programmer that isn't sick of hearing it is Scott Donato, PD of WGTY in Gettysburg, PA. Of Dreyer, he said "Her voice struck me immediately as incredibly unique. A cross between Miranda and Emmylou. In addition, she truly throws herself into her material, forcing you to feel what she's feeling with every lyric. She's a true original."