Lorrie Morgan Talks Christmas Show, Preps Album With Pam Tillis
Lorrie Morgan Talks Christmas Show, Preps Album With Pam Tillis

We have just entered the second half of October, which means the holidays are almost upon us. One country artist who is excited about that is Lorrie Morgan, who will be headlining Gaylord Opryland Resort's "A Country Christmas" dinner and show starting on November 16.

"I've been wanting to do this for years," she tells Billboard. "Back when they started doing the Christmas shows at Opryland, I thought it would be wonderful to have your stage set up there every night, and go home to your own bed... I'm just looking forward to creating a magical Christmas atmosphere for people to come and enjoy. It's an opportunity for people to get out of the real world a little bit and relive some magical Christmas moments."

Much of the music included in "A Country Christmas" will be taken from Morgan's holiday album "Merry Christmas From London." Recorded in 1993, the album remains a favorite of hers.

"It was just a great time in my career, and with Christmas being such a part of my life growing up. To be able to go in and be told "Lorrie, go in and do any Christmas songs you want to do.' I thought 'Really?' We did my dad's song 'Up On Santa Claus Mountain,' and put some talking in it, and used the kids choir from St. Joseph, it was so great to put this album together. To see it come alive on stage will be even more magical."

The song was one that her father, Country Music Hall of Fame member George Morgan wrote, yet never recorded - at least professionally. "We didn't have a copy of it. My sister would sing it to me, but she would get to a certain point and forget how it went. We had no lyrics or anything. So, my uncle -- who has since passed away -- called me one day and said he had found a cassette of my father sitting in his living room with his guitar singing 'Up On Santa Claus Mountain' to his kids when they lived in Ohio. He gave me the cassette, and I gave it to my producer Richard Landis, who took it to London and from that, the conductor wrote the music to it."

In addition to "A Country Christmas," Morgan is also putting the final touches on an album with her current touring partner, Pam Tillis. "We have already completed the album, and it is being finalized. We've been on the Grits N Glamour tour for about two years, and people have been wanting us to do an album, so we just decided to take it to the next level."