Josh Doyle, 'Figured the World Out': Video Premiere
Josh Doyle, 'Figured the World Out': Video Premiere

A name that we think you're going to be hearing a lot of in the future is Josh Doyle. The UK-bred singer-songwriter was recently featured in Billboard's 615 Artist Spotlight, and we're excited to share in the premiere of a new video for "Figured The World Out."

The winner of Guitar Center's Singer Songwriter contest comes to the Hollywood Vintage room to perform his new hit single "Solar Storms" as well as a few other songs that we guarantee you'll be hearing more of!

Doyle's album was produced by John Shanks - (Keith Urban, Sheryl Crow) and resulted from a contest he won. "I won the singer - songwriter competition through Guitar Center, and working with him was so cool. It was supposed to be a three-song EP, but when we got into the studio, we just started to record and track so quick. I found John to be very generous, and very talented, of course."

Check out the video above and read more about Josh here .

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