615 Spotlight: Lucy Angel Has Fame in Reach
615 Spotlight: Lucy Angel Has Fame in Reach

The world of country music has taken a very angelic tone this year with the emergence of mother-daughter trio Lucy Angel. Comprised of mother Kate, and daughters Lindsay and Emily Anderton, the trio have made quite an impact on the format, and 2012 looks to be even brighter.

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Hailing from the state of Arizona, the family trio comes to Nashville with a ton of charisma, hook-laden songs, and more importantly - a heavy dose of talent. Their performance at the Country Radio Seminar back in March remains one of Nashville's most talked about shows of the year. They have enjoyed success with "Only Woman Left," as well as "Serious," their most recent single - which made it to No. 42 on the Billboard Indicator chart - all on their own G-Force Music Group label.

"When I see them on stage performing, sometimes I look at them and go 'Yeah, they're mine," said Kate with a great deal of motherly pride. But, she's being just a little bit modest. Kate's vocals help to accentuate that of her daughters, and on occasions when Lucy Angel tip their hat to classic artists such as Patsy Cline, there's a tenderness to her voice that shines straight through.

Lindsay says that performing live is one of the most enjoyable aspects of what Lucy Angel does. "We are so passionate about our live performances," she says emphatically. "We want our fans to be entertained and leave on a musical high! We hope they feel a personal connection with us by bringing them into each song no matter how big or intimate the audience."

Emily agrees with that assessment, but admits that being in the studio is something that pushes their creative buttons as well. Respected Nashville tunesmith Anthony Smith serves as the producer of the trio, and she says working with him has been nothing short of incredible.

"It's an amazing experience, watching him work," she said. "He is such a genius." To which Kate responds, "He's great to work with. He's really laid back, and the parts that he hears in his head are amazing," she admits.

Their initial EP contained the above-mentioned singles, but also such heart-wrenching ballads as the radio-ready "I'll Be Your Whiskey" and the hauntingly beautiful ballad "Color Love Blue."

As good as 2011 has been to Lucy Angel, 2012 looks like it is going to kick into an even higher gear. The ladies are closing out the year with the holiday single, "Mr. Santa," and plan to be back in front of radio in the first few weeks of the year with the energetic "Cowboy Can."

Radio is something the trio knows well, having been on a continuous tour around the country the past year. Emily says that aspect of their climb has been a blast. "This past year, we've been tearing it up on the road making new friends at radio all over the country. It's a really cool thing meeting DJ's and program directors, and making that personal connection," she said excitedly.

And, if all goes according to plan, the Anderton family might end up before the small screen, as well. A pilot has been filmed for a reality show for an unnamed network. While the relationship between them and their family members will be a focal part of the show, Emily says that "Quite a bit of it will focus on us being in the music business, trying to make it on an independent label,' she says. Kate admitted that "We really did not go looking for a reality show. A few months ago, we got a call out of the blue from a production company in Los Angeles saying they might be interested in doing a reality show on us!! We flew out to LA a few weeks later met the team and loved them! They are just a really cool group of people. We are pretty excited about the show and it is even cooler that the whole family is involved!"

There are many talented acts out there in Nashville nowadays. Some of those you hear about, and some you don't. But, remember the name Lucy Angel, and remember that you saw it first. Making it in this business is something of a crapshoot, but the talent and the harmonies are both there! Lindsay hopes 2012 will definitely be one to remember!

"2012 is going to be a super rockin' year," she says. "We have been busy laying the ground work and it seems like everything is aligning. From the new single followed by our album, to the new reality show, it's guaranteed to be filled with good times and as always a lot of laughs!"