615 Spotlight: Madonna Nash's 'Dirty Little Secret'
615 Spotlight: Madonna Nash's 'Dirty Little Secret'

Country newcomer Madonna Nash might qualify as a "Superwoman." The North Carolina native is among what seems to be a minority this holiday season. "I am ready," the singer tells Billboard.com. "I think this is the first time I've been done shopping right before the really big Christmas rush. I've never been done this early."

As proud as she is about this accomplishment, Nash does have other things on her mind - such as her career. "This year has gone by so fast, and it's really blown my mind. The single and the video have both come out, and are doing so great."

Her self-titled album features the current single, titled "Dirty Little Secret." It gives Nash a chance to show her fun and flirtatious side. "It's a little bit mischievous, a little bit dirty, raw, or sassy," she says. "That's what we were going for. I think it gives off a little bit of my personality, especially when I do it on stage. It kind of throws people for a loop."

The album showcases a multitude of sounds and styles. Nash says that is very much a natural thing. "I grew up listening to mainly country, but also some other genres. I just love good music. I listen to all types of things. I just wanted to make sure that I did appeal to a broad audience. This is my introduction to the world. I was lucky enough to write or co-write every song on the album, so not only am I showing myself that way, but also different feels of music."

What was she listening to growing up? "My mama was a big Kenny & Dolly fan, and my father loved Merle, and all the old school," she says, admitting that it was Parton that really made an impact. "I fell in love with Dolly at an early age - not just her sass or voice, but her songwriting made such an impact on me. I want to meet her one day, and thank her for everything she's done in country music."

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Nash is pleased with the fact that her own talents as a tunesmith are in such strong display. "I'm very excited that they believed in me enough to let me do that. It's very important to me. I know you hear a lot of people say that songwriting is a therapy, but it really is. There's so much that you keep bottled up inside, and so many people out there who don't have a voice to say what they want to. For me to be able to use my voice, and have people come up to me and say 'That's my song,' that means so much to me."

In addition to the breezy and traditional "Firefly," another highlight from the album is the emotional showcase "You Never Say It First." Of the song, she said "I wrote that with my husband. I was definitely in that situation with someone in a relationship, where you thought you were giving everything to someone, and you were always the one to say I love you. Then, they do, and you're thinking 'Do you really mean it, or are you just saying that in response to me?'

Being able to show friends and family her album this season is something very special to the singer. "When I look at it, and see the final product, I do feel like I have accomplished something. It is something tangible that I can hand to my family, as well as my fans that have always been there for me. That just blows my mind. I'm so excited about it."

And of course, there's the name. Is her first name really Madonna? "It is," she says with a smile. I was named after a girl my father had dated in high school." She admits that she was advised to go with something else.

"When I first moved to Nashville, and I was trying to break through, the majority of the people told me that I was going to have to change my name. I knew in my heart, 'I was born with that name. I can't do that. I would be putting me out there as a liar from the very beginning. I'm still Madonna Nash. You get what you get, and you don't throw a fit."

Spoken like a true country girl, huh?