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Roger Waters Says Donald Trump's Rise Is Like Hitler's on 'WTF With Marc Maron'

Noam Galai/Getty Images Portrait
Roger Waters of Pink Floyd poses for a portrait on Nov. 5, 2015 in New York City.

"The method for taking over the state and for it becoming a totalitarian police state is always the same and it's always the identification of 'the other' as the enemy."

Roger Waters has not been shy with his real feeling for Donald Trump, as the U.S. heads towards election day. And, again, the former Pink Floyd bassist trashed Trump, during a recent interview on WTF With Marc Maron, comparing his candidacy to Adolf Hitler's rise in Germany. 

"It was insidious in Germany in the '30s when National Socialism came, he said. "And National Trumpism feels a bit less insidious, but it's just as dangerous."

Waters continued, comparing the tactics of the two demagogues. 

"The method for taking over the state and for it becoming a totalitarian police state is always the same and it's always the identification of 'the other' as the enemy," he said. "In Trump's case, it's the Chinese, the Mexicans and Islam -- it doesn't matter who it is. With Hitler, it was the Jews and the Communists and the Gypsies, anybody who had a physical deformity, or whatever it might be, the homosexuals -- they were all lumped together."

The conditions of post-World War I Germany and the United States now, Waters went on, are not so dissimilar. 

"You have to have a population that feels defeated, like the Germans did after the Treaty of Versailles," he said. "So what you have in the States now is everybody's standard of living is falling, like a freefall, and also where the freedoms that are enshrined in your Constitution and in the Bill of Rights are being slowly eroded and taken away from you."

Over the past couple months, Waters has been particularly outspoken about his distaste for Trump. While performing in Mexico City in September, he called the presidential hopeful an offensive name in Spanish. And last month at Desert Trip, he called Trump "arrogant, lying, racist, sexist."

Listen to the full interview here