The Strokes Get Caught In a Bizarre 1970s Plot in 'Threat of Joy' Video: Watch

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The Strokes in the video for "Threat of Joy."

The Strokes may have only given us a handful of new songs on their new Future Past Present EP, but so far they're fully working that title with the visuals. After tipping their hat to the 1980s with the damaged VHS tape look for the "Drag Queen" video, the band dropped another throwback clip on Tuesday with the 1970s caper clip for "Threat of Joy." 

The Strokes Crank Up the VCR for Retro 'Drag Queen' Lyric Video: Watch

Working with frequent collaborator director Warren Fu (Killers, Daft Punk), the men are dropped in the middle of a bizarre disco-era conspiracy involving the stolen film stock from the lost video for the Future lead single "OBLIVIUS," sought by some unnamed government entity. The band try to just do their thing, performing the slacker-ish rocker amid the chaos of armed SWAT soldiers and shady Wall Street scumbags wearing pig masks, counting cash and stealing the film reels.

Mix in a hippie-ish dance sequence featuring singer Julian Casablancas and well, who knows what it all means? Check it out:


The NYC band’s last album was 2013’s Comedown Machine, which came out on RCA Records. The new EP, which also features the songs "Threat of Joy" and "OBLIVIUS" (plus a remake of the latter by drummer Fabrizio Moretti) marks their first release on Casablancas' label, Cult Records.