SPiLL (AWOLNATION's Marc Walloch) Debuts Dizzying Video for 'Strangers (Other Side)': Premiere

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AWOLNATION bassist and Juliette Lewis' guitarist Marc Walloch is standing front-and-center as SPiLL, his folk-rock solo project.

Walloch utilizes his multiple talents -- singing, songwriting, guitar and bass -- to craft an organic sound. The contrast between AWOLNATION's stadium-shaking electronic rock music and SPiLL's Beck-and-Elliott Smith-inspired sound is stark. SPILL's latest single, "Strangers (Other Side)," is intimate and personal, with Walloch's storytelling laid over a rollicking bluesy guitar.

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"The song's lyrical content is about psychological projections; how we sometimes project our own insecurities and/or guilt on to someone else other than ourselves," Walloch says. "So I wanted to direct a video where the was no known focal point. Every image was a distorted reflection coming from some other source. I basically held an art party with friends, some of which I had just met that week, in my backyard patio. People were drawing, taking stop motion photos, reflection photography, and filming images of many different lips singing the words to the song. This would have not been made without the help and support of talented friends lending their creative gifts pro bono." The result? A kaleidoscopic flurry of faces, objects and animations, embodying the many projections Walloch sings of.

SPiLL's debut album, Through the Seasons, drops this June.

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