Slipknot's Corey Taylor: 'Republicans Need to F---ing Disavow' Donald Trump

Steve Jennings/WireImage
Corey Taylor of Slipknot performs at the 2015 Monster Energy Aftershock Festival at Gibson Ranch County Park on Oct. 24, 2015 in Sacramento, California.

As the end of 2015 nears, Slipknot and Stone Sour frontman Corey Taylor has spoken about his highs and (many) lows of the year with Rolling Stone. "I just want this year to be over with," he said.

Taylor took part in a conversation about a wide range of topics, sounding off on politics (Trump running for President scares him), the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (“Those people can kiss my ass”) and the terrorist attack at the Eagles of Death Metal concert in Paris (“I would never want my fans targeted because they went to see an ‘American band.’”)

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"The year is ending with a very real threat to the American way of life," Taylor said. "I'm nervous. I think everybody is.”

Read a few excerpts from his interview below, and see the whole transcript (which also includes talk about gun control, the Grammys, the pope, pop music and more) here.

On the “worst thing” he saw in pop culture in 2015:

“I think I can speak for everyone when I say Trump running for president. That just f---ing sums it up. I can remember when [former KKK Grand Wizard] David Duke ran for president, and people scoffed at him. It was a joke. Like, how do you even consider the fact that you've got a shot at this? And now here comes Trump. And just because he's a f---ing talking head on television, people are taking him seriously. Between that and the fact that he is appealing to some crazy f---ing fear in the conservative wing of America, it is scaring me to be honest. The Republicans need to f---ing disavow him if they want to be taken seriously at all -- not only by middle-of-the-road America, but by the rest of the f---ing world."

On Bernie Sanders:

“Bernie's the one who's got my interest. Everything about Hillary seems prepackaged and planned. Obviously, I don't know her as a person, but everything about her seems forced. Bernie Sanders, however, just doesn't give a shit. And that is so f---ing refreshing. That dude has balls the size of church bells. I think if it came down to the debate, Sanders would shred Trump. Shred him. And I think he's got 10 years on Trump. And Bernie seems like he believes in what he's saying; he's trying to bring people together instead of pull them apart. And between Paris, San Bernardino, Black Lives Matter, this country is coming apart at the seams and we don't need someone ripping us apart. We need someone to bring us together.”

On the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame:

“The fact that Madonna got in before Deep Purple got in? Those people can kiss my ass. Like, f--- you. Stop calling it the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Stop. Because it's obvious that you don't give a s--- about rock and roll. If you did, bands like Deep Purple and Cheap Trick would've been in years ago. And that's f---ing upsetting. Call it the Popular Music Hall of Fame. Call it anything other than that. Because all you do is f---ing piss me off.”

On the Nov. 13 terrorist attacks in Paris:

“The crazy thing is, we had friends who were on the Eagles of Death Metal crew who went through that. And obviously, our thoughts went to the fans and our friends. It was a really hard feeling of powerlessness. You were just like, 'F---.'

We have plans to go to Europe in January and February, and it's really made us stop and think about it. Any time you're an entertainer, you never want to feel that fear and let that in, but you have to. And as a father and husband, you have to consider all of these things. We don't have any plans as of yet to pull out, but you look around and you see everyone from the Foo Fighters to Five Finger Death Punch shutting it down.

So right now, it's a really, really weird time as an entertainer and, for me, I can only say this: I would never want my fans targeted because they went to see an ‘American band.’ From what I read, that's why the guys in Eagles were targeted, because they were an American band. And yet, French people were hurt. The next year is going to be very interesting to see what happens, because I will not put any of my kids in harm's way. Ever.”