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James Hetfield: Metallica's Orion Music Fest 'Lost Millions'

Chris Weeks/Getty Images for Activision
James Hetfield of Metallica performs onstage at exclusive the Call Of Duty: Black Ops Launch Party held at Barker Hangar on Nov. 4, 2010 in Santa Monica, Calif.  

Metallica launched Orion Music + More in 2012, looking to tap into the burgeoning festival market with an eclectic all-things-rock lineup. It ran twice, lost money both times, and hasn’t been heard from since 2013. In a recent interview with the Metallica fan club zine So What!, frontman James Hetfield explained why it didn’t work out.

“If it would have broken even, we'd still be doing it, but we lost millions both times,” Hetfield said to So What!, according to Blabbermouth. “At some point, business comes into play. Why would you keep doing something that's damaging you and could prevent you moving forward?"

The inaugural run featured a gamut of rockers -- from Arctic Monkeys to Best Coast to Baroness to Eric Church -- playing Atlantic City, N.J. The next year featured a similarly diverse bill in Detroit. Metallica played both years, including a surprise run-through of their debut album Kill ‘Em All in ’13. But in the end, perhaps it was just too weird to live.

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"I'm so glad we did Orion. Those two we did were fun. We got some bands out there in front of people, our fans mainly, and that was the whole idea.”

Meanwhile, the band is flaunting a new website as Metallica teases bits of its forthcoming studio album.