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Lions on the Moon Premieres 'Guitarmageddon': Exclusive Video

Greg Horowitz
Lions on the Moon

While most kids their age are pretending to be rock stars on video games like Rock Band or Guitar Hero, the boys of Lions on the Moon are proving that they’re the real deal.

The band, which is made up of Nick Winegardner (13), Brandon Niederauer (12), Dylan Niederauer (14), and Henry Thomas (15), was brought together by musician Col. Bruce Hampton and produced by Terry Manning, who has worked with the likes of Al Green, Led Zeppelin, ZZ Top and others.

While they’ve only been a band since spring 2014, they’ve already toured, written and recorded an album, due out Oct. 13. Billboard is premiering the promising young band’s video for their song “Guitarmageddon," the first song they brought to the recording studio, below. 

"'Guitarmaggedon' is the song that gave birth to our sound," the band says. "Not only did it transcend the batch of songs we had in place at the time, it started the revamping and remaking of the sound that has become what we are today."

Lions on the Moon will release digitally on Oct. 13.