Bubbling Under: 'American Idol's' Colton Dixon 'Never Gone' Debuts

Colton Dixon Finds His Calling In Christian Rock

Finishing seventh on last year’s season of “American Idol” hasn’t stopped Colton Dixon from living out his dream. The 22-year-old Tennessee native has carved a niche for himself and is quickly becoming a staple in the Christian rock market.
'American Idol': Devin Velez Exit Interview

'American Idol': Devin Velez Exit Interview

“Idol” celebrated its 450th episode last night, sending Devin Velez packing and leaving only Burnell Taylor and Lazaro Arbos as the remaining boys in the competition. Following the show, Billboard caught up with Velez, who discussed his future plans and his time on the show.
American Idol

'American Idol' Recap: Big Voices and Forgotten Words on Detroit-Honoring Night

The good news with "American Idol" this week? Apparently 'Motown Week' means less ballads on the singing competition, which after the last few weeks is a welcome respite indeed (let's thank Smokey Robinson, the mentor this evening). The bad? It's down to the top eight and still needs to fill two hours, so it's time for group performances!
Paul Jolley

Paul Jolley Second Guy in a Row Eliminated on 'American Idol'

Paul Jolley pegged himself early on as a contestant looking to align himself within the same side of country that produced artists such as Rascal Flatts and Lonestar -- that is, country, but more on the pop side of it. Twang, but not overpowering or at times noticeable at all. Jolley himself even professed a hope to become a male version of Taylor Swift.
Candice Glover

'American Idol' Recap: The Fab Nine Tackle the Beatles ... Watch

The Beatles have a fairly sizable song catalog that ranges from up-tempo, high-energy tunes to slower, more intimate selections. "American Idol" is often known for its singers tending to choose the latter when it comes to song selection; apparently, singing a ballad pays far more dividends than a barn burner that gets the crowd moving.
NBC Sets Schedule for 'The Voice'

NBC Sets Schedule for 'The Voice'

"The Voice" has set its schedule for the coming season, which starts March 25, goes into "knockout" rounds on April 30 and wraps up with a winner being crowned on June 18.
Curtis Finch, Jr.

Curtis Finch, Jr. Sent Home on 'American Idol'

Despite the undeniable singing talent of Curtis Finch Jr., questions persisted about the Missouri native's ability to connect with a large portion of the "American Idol" voting public. Big-voiced gospel each week on a show known for its pop leanings? Jimmy Iovine in particular expressed concerns that such a thing could get old, and fast.
What's the Best 'American Idol' Song? Season 12 Finalists Weigh In

What's the Best 'American Idol' Song? Season 12 Finalists Weigh In

Season 12’s Top 10 on American Idol spent last night in Los Angeles at The Grove spanning the Red Carpet, posing for photos and answering press questions. Billboard spent some quality time with the new contestants to get the scoop on their favorite Idol alums and performances.
American Idol top ten

'America Got It Right,' Say 'Idol' Judges: Watch

"American Idol" has a new top ten, and no doubt viewers at home have strong opinions on whether the right crop was picked. Billboard caught up with two of the judges on the red carpet last night to glean how they were feeling about the picks.
Burnell Taylor, American Idol

'American Idol' Recap: Top 20 Revealed; Burnell Taylor Shows Star Potential

The general landscape of male contestants on "American Idol" this season has certainly changed in comparison to previous years. In the past, the show was often dominated by a guy or guys who sang lighter rock or adult-alternative fare and who played guitar. Those guys ended up winning, too; the exception to the rule has been Scotty McCreery, who slots into the country genre.
'American Idol' Recap: Zoanette 'Finds Her Place' as Singer to Beat

'American Idol' Recap: Zoanette 'Finds Her Place' as Singer to Beat

A lackluster episode last Wednesday preceded the 10 girls who took the "American Idol" stage last night to sing for a spot in the top 20. Though a few singers, like Kree Harrison and Angela Miller, stood out, it wasn't incredibly reflective of the claims that the remaining female contestants were a talented crop, possibly the best chance the gender has had in years of actually winning the entire competition.