'American Idol' Season 10: Where Are They Now?
'American Idol' Season 10: Where Are They Now?

In interviews following their elimination from the show, "American Idol" contestants often claim that his or her road to stardom has not ended, and that good things are to come on the horizon. But, if previous seasons are any indication, continued fame is hard to come by, unless your name is Chris Daughtry or Jennifer Hudson.

Is that the case for any of the also-rans of last season? Or have the men and women of Idol's tenth season shown more promise than some of their immediate predecessors? Read on to find out what some of last season's favorites have been up to since the cameras stopped rolling last May.

Scotty McCreery

"The Trouble With Girls"

The deep-voiced reigning winner is leaving no room for doubt concerning his relevance. Since being crowned the "Idol" champ last May, McCreery has become the most successful victor from the show since 2008 winner