'The Voice' Recap: Shocker! Double Elimination
'The Voice' Recap: Shocker! Double Elimination

We Spoke With the Departed: "I believe I did justice to that song" ... "I missed a couple of notes, but I did my best"


Jordis Unga (Sara Evans' "A Little Bit Stronger")

"It was about the lyric and I do feel stronger than when I started. The fact that the judges,especially Adam, praised me for selling that lyric shows that (it worked). I'm really proud of what I did."

Jermaine Paul (Phil Collins' "Against All Odds")

"I am so happy we had a run through. If you saw it, you would have seen me lose it. I was an emotional wreck -- I had a meltdown and couldn't even get through it. I was glad I had a chance to go over it and then control how I felt. I kind of knew what was coming. The song itself just reminds me of my family and everything we've been through -- I'm getting emotional talking abut it now -- just everything. Our struggle."

Erin Willett (Adele's "Set Fire to the Rain")

"You want people to feel what you're feeling. I wanted to be simple, have the song taken down a little bit at the beginning because I wanted all those lyrics to come through. I wanted the audience to see the rage in my eyes when I came forward. I think it's important to be an emotionally raw person in the music industry and that's why Adele is so successful."

RaeLynn (Jason Aldean's "Country Girl")

"I love the whole idea that you're in charge, you're a girl, you can take a man's song and make it girlie. I like that whole vibe and I like that girls can be as bad-ass as boys."


Jesse Campbell (Beyonce's "Halo")

"As I studied the song I began to develop the meaning and it really resulted in my understanding that my daughter was my saving grace. I suggested (using his daughter's photos as set pieces). I gave them the pictures so it would assist in presenting the message that there are great single men who are exceptional dads. I believe it was conveyed tonight. I got a little emotional, missed a couple of notes, but I did my best."

Lindsey Pavao (Katy Perry's "Part of Me")

"Lyrically I connected with it. Musically I had some qualms with it that I wanted to change. Being here, you feel yourself being pulled in so many directions. Because you're being watched by millions of people and they're tearing you apart - the image, they say things about your legs or that you look like a robot zombie. I just wanted to do a something that said 'this is who I am, this is my identity. I'm not going to be pulled in (another ) direction.' That was where I was coming from. And I wanted people to know I'm happy to show a smile. A big part was pulling my hair back so no one can say I'm looking gloomy."

Chris Mann (Coldplay's "Viva la Vida")

"Learning that we were singing for our lives I was definitely nervous. It heightened my performance for sure. I felt this showed how I can do a pop song so I was surprised when Adam said (I should sing opera). I have no problem being put in a box, I just want to expand the size of the box. If I go through to next week, I have to speak with Christina - do I got current or classic? I don't know the answer to that right now. I am happy to be able to do both."

Ashley De La Rosa (Jewel's "Foolish Games")

"A song like this is really emotional to me. I've never been in a relationship like this, with devastating heartbreak. At the end of the song I got emotional when I looked out in the crowd and I saw the four coaches and I thought this could be my last performance on the stage. That really made me get emotional."