Can 'The Voice' Create a Star? 10 Thoughts on Season 2 & Beyond
The judges- Cee Lo Green, Christina Aguilera, Blake Shelton and Adam Levine Finale of The Voice on May 8th, 2012.

With season two of "The Voice" concluded, we offer a look back at the season and what might lie ahead for the show and its final four, Chris Mann, Tony Lucca, runner-up Juliet Simms and winner Jermaine Paul.

1. TWO CHAMPS IN ONE YEAR? If the rumors are true -- and we will know on Monday -- "The Voice" will be part of NBC's fall lineup where its musical competition on FOX will be "The X Factor." Come holiday time it would mean a second "Voice" winner for 2012. One pro for this year's cast -- a promotional opportunity for them to launch albums or singles. A con: With the structures similar -- teams, mentors, voting, etc. -- the shows need to devise strong marketing tools so fans can keep the contestants straight.

Why Jermaine Paul Won 'The Voice'

2. CAN "THE VOICE" CREATE A STAR? In its current configuration, the answer remains no. The top four receive the same amount of airtime, which is limited when compared to the number of times winners are seen on "American Idol" and "X Factor." Think about it. Jermaine Paul made four performances, about the same number as the eight-place finishers on the other shows. Likeable as his personality is -- and as strong as his voice is -- without potential hit singles on an album, the two things working in his favor are insufficient. He has to have great songs.

3. THE BIG WINNER AMONG THE RUNNER-UPS? Chris Mann. "The Voice" was a weekly audition for Mann, not necessarily to secure the Universal Republic deal and the $100,000 prize, but to establish himself as a rising star in the popera category. His identity was strong from the start, he possesses a voice with personality and a winning stage presence, and his a known quantity to television viewers who would have no problem turning to PBS to watch him in concert.

4. WERE JULIET AND TONY NOT FAVORITES? The No. 1 reason Tony Lucca believers felt he would take home the prize rested in the number of followers on his Twitter account -- half a million plus. Juliet Simms was a rocker, the lone female and the one who had the potential to be a rising star. Ultimately, though, Simms and Mann commandeered musical niches and the Lucca story was too heavy on an apparent rift with Christina Aguilera and his dramatic stylistic change to more of a rock sound.

5. RATE THE COACHES, PART 1. A key element of "The Voice" is watching Aguilera, Adam Levine, CeeLo Green and Blake Shelton provide feedback and musical ideas to the singers. This year, they brought in too many additional side coaches, which made for too many names and faces to remember. Based on their onscreen work, Shelton deserves an A, Levine an A- and a Green a B-. Aguilera deserves either a B- or a D and a trip to the principal's office to discuss her behavioral issues.