Jennifer Lopez Still Waffling on 'American Idol' Future

Jennifer Lopez Still Waffling on 'American Idol' Future

'I am thinking that maybe it's time for me to go and do other things,' says J. Lo

"Should I stay or should I go?" seems to be on repeat in Jennifer Lopez's mind as the Latin pop star tries to determine whether or not she should return for a third season at the judges table on "American Idol." J. Lo stopped by "The Today Show" on Thursday (July 12) and revealed that she has still not made up her mind about her involvement in "Idol's" 12th season -- although it sounds as if she's leaning toward ending her run on the Fox reality smash, which returns in January.

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"I enjoy the show so much," says Lopez. "I enjoy just the whole process of the show and the whole thing. So it's a tough decision either way. But I have to say that there are so many other things that I do, and that I put on hold for ['Idol']. At the end of the day, whichever way, it's a heartbreaking decision if I'm going to have to go."

So, does that mean she's 100 percent leaving? Lopez couldn't say. "I know everybody wants that definite yes or no, and ... all I can let you in on is my own thought process with it, because that's where I truly am," she said. "I love all the guys on the show. I love the family that's there. Like I said, I've just enjoyed it so much. But I am thinking that maybe it's time for me to go and do other things that I really love to do… but then again, I really love the show!"

One thing is for sure with Lopez's career: the singer has lent her voice to the animated sequel, "Ice Age: Continental Drift," which opens on Friday. "Having kids, it's always kinda interesting to be involved in an animated project, a cartoon -- something you know they're gonna enjoy, because everything else I do, they just don't care about," said Lopez.

While Lopez heads out on tour with Enrique Iglesias and mulls her TV future, the "American Idol" rumor mill is already heating up: earlier this week, a report hinted at Fox having some interest in bring former "Idol" runner-up Adam Lambert in as a judge.