'American Idol' Recap: Ladies Tackle Divas, Songs From Birth Year

Angie Miller performs on AMERICAN IDOL Wednesday, April 1

Michael Becker/FOX

4. Kree Harrison - "She Talks to Angels" & "Have You Ever Been in Love"

Ew, it's the two country ladies at the bottom tonight. It pains me to put Kree in the next-to-last spot, though I guess that's bound to happen at this point in the season. But Harrison wasn't bad! Like, at all! In terms of show-stopping performances? Well, while Glover, Miller and Holcomb all had their own, there wasn't really any performance Wednesday night that will be super memorable in the long run on Kree's side. Her "She Talks to Angels" was a really nice cover, but pretty much only that. It's the general thing about Kree (her Kreed? Oh god, sorry for maybe making you think of Kree doing a Creed song. I'M SO SORRY): she's always pretty good, with a vocal that rarely -- if ever -- has any major faults. It's all about how compelling her performances are in terms of song choice and entertainment quality, and "She Talks to Angels" didn't really do too much in those regards.

"Have You Ever Been in Love" was a little better, but I was actually having some trouble remembering it before watching back. It was certainly a nice showing, a continued look at what Harrison's career could be like in the country vein, but it's not the performance anyone will be talking about at the end of the season. Tonight probably won't hurt Harrison due to her past showings, but all in all, it all felt a little too safe, which is not something you can necessarily do when it's down to the top five.

5. Janelle Arthur - "When I Call Your Name" & "Dumb Blonde"

Poor Janelle Arthur. As a performer, she's really grown these last few weeks, going from a contestant that barely made it through to the voting rounds to a country gal we can count on to give some solid performances, or at least be fairly charismatic while doing it. Wednesday night, however, really separated the contenders from the also-rans, and I'm not sure Arthur may actually have a victory in her. She needed a big moment but couldn't quite reach the heights her fellow contestants either obtained Wednesday or have obtained at other points in the season. I actually really loved "When I Call Your Name," especially with its old-fashioned country vibe and her take with an acoustic guitar, but I also realize it wasn't incredibly star-making in comparison to the other ladies. Kind of like my love affair with Paul McDonald two years back.

"Dumb Blonde," on the other hand, didn't really do much for me, nor do I think it's going to change many opinions about her. For one, the Dolly Parton song isn't incredibly well-known, which may not do her any favors. Plus, while it was completely adequate on a country level, I don't think it would necessarily do much for non-country fans. So really, it's a matter of how large such a fanbase is in terms of watching "Idol." Arthur could get through if there are enough country fans watching and voting, but if there aren't, she might be out of luck.

Should Go Home: Janelle Arthur

Will Go Home: Janelle Arthur or Amber Holcomb. Arthur didn't have the star-making night she needed, and Holcomb's inclusion in the bottom vote-getters still causes concern.