'American Idol' Recap: Candice Glover and Lazaro Arbos Are Worlds Apart

Lazaro Arbos

Frank Micelotta/FOX

6. Janelle Arthur - "The Dance"

Arthur's rendition of the beautiful Garth Brooks number (written by Tony Arata) was solid, certainly one of the country singer's better performances. But if you know the original well, you'll know what a lost cause the arrangement of the song ended up being. Keith hinted at this, noting that if it had been a more intimate song with only an acoustic guitar, things might have gone better. I think Arthur was the victim of an arrangement that just didn't really suit the song well enough. Had it been something closer to Brooks's original, this might have been much higher.

7. Kree Harrison - "Help We Make it Through the Night"

For good ol' fashioned country, look no further than Kree Harrison. She took on Kris Kristofferson's "How We Make it Through the Night," a song also done justice by the likes of Wilie Nelson and many more. All in all, Kree sounded authentic, singing the tune with such effortlessness that one wondered if she really was trying at all. Like her first performance, not her best, but nowhere near the worsts of many other singers still left in the competition. That arrangement by the instrumentalists, though! The musicians were in it to win it, Ryan!

8. Kree Harrison - "What the World Needs Now"

Kree didn't knock this one out of the park; in fact, if there was one contestant who kind of coasted through the show, she was that singer. She put a country twang on the tune that kept it fairly personal to her, but compared to some big vocals the rest of the night, hers here was just OK -- especially by her usual standards. One of her more forgettable turns on the show.

9. Angie Miller - "Anyone Who Had a Heart"

The problem with Angie Miller is that she'll always be compared to that performance of her original song during Hollywood week. That might be a good problem to have, as it implies Miller to be totally ready for prime time. As far as "Idol" goes, it means she has to really show a connection and blow the song she's covering out of the water, and with "Anyone Who Had a Heart," she continued a trend of not being able to meet that point -- that is, until her

second performance of "Love Came Down." Her performance, the first of the night, was intriguing, but was pretty much just the vocal, sans much noticeable emotion and connection. Just not where it needed to be.


10. Janelle Arthur - "I'll Never Fall in Love Again"

The problem here? Too pageant-ish. Arthur never sounded bad (though she was miles behind some of the other singers here); she just couldn't do much with the song. She smiled the whole way through in a way that seemed manufactured, rather than sincere. And man, I don't know how much say she had in the song's arrangement, but that wasn't doing her any favors either. Just really boring, plain and simple.

11. Lazaro Arbos - "Angels"

Um... it was better than his first song? "Angels" can be done so much better on a singing talent show, though. Look at Heejun Han last season -- he didn't pull it off great, but it was still better than this. Arbos opened up a bit and soldiered through the chorus a little better than the verses, but that actually seems to be fairly par for the course from him. Props for coming out looking fairly strong after being torn apart after his first performance, but wow. This wasn't even cruise ship good, and apologies to cruise ships everywhere.

12. Lazaro Arbos - "(They Long to Be) Close to You"

I just don't even know what to say. Do I have to say anything? Can you just listen to the song (click it above) and see what you think? I just can't anymore with him. I can't. Worst of the season, worst in a while. The distance between Candice's "Lovesong" and this is astounding.


Should Be Going Home: Lazaro Arbos

Will Be Going Home: Lazaro Arbos or no one at all. I'm convinced that if any of the other five are in the bottom, they'll use the save. The only lady who should be sweating a little more is Janelle.