Taylor Swift Takes Us Inside 'Out of the Woods' Video: Watch

Courtesy Photo
Taylor Swift in during the making of "Out Of The Woods."

We are not out of the woods yet -- we're actually heading straight into the forest (and to the beach).

On Tuesday (Feb. 9), Taylor Swift released a behind-the-scenes look at the New Zealand set of her dreamy "Out of the Woods" video, which was released on New Year's Eve.

Taylor Swift Releases 'Out of the Woods' Video

What we learned from the inside perspective: Yes, those trees behind Taylor were really on fire. No, she did not actually grow roots in the forest (she was just standing on a platform and ready for editors to work their CGI magic). And that stiff dress she wears in the snow scene was dipped in wax to give the appearance of being frozen solid.

The paparazzi also managed to find the set, but we have a feeling this video will give you a better perspective than those pap helicopters got. Go behind the video magic below:

On Sunday, it was announced that Swift will perform at the Grammys. Does this "Out of the Woods" bonus video mean she might perform the 1989 song at Monday's show? Stay tuned.

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