Lil Twist

Lil Twist Escapes Marijuana DUI Charges

Just over a year ago, Lil Twist was pulled over by police en route to his buddy Justin Bieber's house. Twist was allegedly found under the influence of marijuana and failed sobriety tests, though he managed to somehow avoid a DUI charge.
Jason Derulo for Billboard

Pop Art By Robert Christgau: In It For The Art

Anyone wondering how that guy who grades albums like a damn college professor got a column in the bible of the music business should consider one factoid. At 72, that guy has been covering what we'll call rock and roll longer than anyone in America: 47 years, and not bored for five minutes running unless you count three-four hundred terrible opening acts.
Billboard Fan Army Face-Off 2014

Fan Army Face-Off: Which Army Is Strongest? Round 2

Which fan army is the strongest? Billboard hopes to answer that question with the Fan Army Face-Off, a bracket-style tournament in which various fan armies will square off to prove that they are unequivocally the loudest voices in the pop sphere.