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Best and Worst Singles of the Week: From Giorgio Moroder and Sia to Tamia

Hear new singles from Peter, Bjorn & John, Giorgio Morodor ft. Sia, and more.

Peter, Bjorn & John
"High Up (Take Me To the Top)"
Who knew PB&J had another breezy summer jam in them? The Swedish trio rediscovers the spry hipster-pop of 2006's "Young Folks" with "High Up," replacing that inescapable whistle with junkyard percussion and stoned vocals. -- Jason Lipshutz

Giorgio Moroder ft. Sia
"Deja Vu"
Moroder's disco revival tour continues with "Deja Vu," a glistening dance cut featuring Sia in straight siren mode. The singer's enunciation here makes notorious jumbler Ariana Grande sound articulate in comparison, but her longing lyrics in the chorus -- "I've fallen for you, got nothing to lose" -- thankfully go unobscured. -- J.L.

"Sandwich and a Soda"
Def Jam
Soulstress Tamia goes full sultry on the man-catering "Sandwich and a Soda," the first single off her sixth LP, Love Life (June 9). ­Wrapping her satin-lined vocals around a guitar-twanged beat, the song shows her breathy sex appeal hasn't dimmed after two decades. -- Steven J. Horovitz

Hudson Mohawke

This Glasgow beat prodigy has long carefully straddled the line between EDM and rap, but "Ryderz" is a grand-slam turn toward the latter. With 808 snares exploding over a ­chipmunked loop from '70s soulman D.J. Rogers, this instrumental, from Mohawke's second solo LP, Lantern (June 16), sounds like 2004 Kanye West time-­machined to the trap era. -- Alex Gale

This story originally appeared in the May 2 issue of Billboard.