Ryan Cabrera on His 'Beautiful' New EP -- Eight Years in the Making

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Ryan Cabrera

Ryan Cabrera's recent EP Wake Up Beautiful is just the first batch of new music the pop singer-songwriter plans to release this year. 

Cabrera tells Billboard that his fifth studio album, and first since 2008, should be out later this year. "The album's done," reports Cabrera, who's now signed to Dynamite/Caroline Records after releasing his first four albums with Atlantic and EMI. "Everything's recorded, and I've been writing it, really over the course of eight years, since the last album. I probably wrote 50 songs for this album and eventually whittled them down to 12, with five on the EP." Cabrera says the as-yet-untitled set will be "a very eclectic album, which is what I wanted. Each song is very, very unique on its own. It goes from sing-along, kind of like Irish pub songs to 'So Far,' which is kind of a dance track. There's a lot of ballads, acoustic-inspired stuff. It's a very diverse record, so it all works together."

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Cabrera adds that he wanted to release an EP to take advantage of his current "Radio Revival" tour with Secondhand Serenade (Cabrera and John Vesely were once roommates) and also because "it's been so long since we've had new stuff out that we just wanted to put an EP out to give fans a little taste of the record, a little something to hold onto and just show there's stuff happening and the full-length will be out some time this year," he explains. "There's so much content out there that things don't happen overnight anymore. You have to put it out there and let the fans discover it. You can't put something out and have radio bang it for two months or something. You just have to work it, and I know I'm gonna be out their touring this record for a long time."

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Part of the delay, Cabrera adds, came from looking for a new label home, though he did release some individual songs digitally. He says Dynamite, which is run by Clive Davis' son Mitch Davis, his been a supportive partner so far. "Making this album wouldn't have been possible and would've taken longer without their help," Cabrera notes. "That's why we waited as long as we did; the music had to be there, but the team had to be right. I feel like we've got everything in place right now to really press forward again."

The "Radio Revival" tour runs through April 26 in Tempe, Ariz.