Liam Payne Films 'Niall's Bum' for Lucky One Direction Fan

Dave J Hogan/Getty Images
Liam Payne of One Direction attends the world premiere of 'One Direction - This Is Us' at The Empire Leicester Square on August 20, 2013 in London, England.

Here's exhibit A on why it actually can be a good(ish) idea to throw your expensive electronics onstage.

At a One Direction concert, a fan was taping some footage of the guys on her phone when she got a wild idea. 

"It was near the end of the show and I caught eye contact with Liam," the lucky fan captioned the below video. "I made a gesture if I could throw my GoPro on stage and he gestured back to do it. He filmed for a bit, then said he was going to film Niall's bum when he wasn't looking. He did that and then quickly turned it back when he turned around. He was about to throw it back when I mouthed "Harry" to him. He looked down the stage and saw that he was too far. He was about to start walking down the stage to get him when he turns back and says "I can't" and I was gesturing him to take it with him, and he said "I'll walk up there and you'll never get it back" and then threw it back.. But he ALMOST did it for me :)" 

As long as he considered it.