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Throwback Thursday: Watch Teenage Britney Spears Perform at Tree Lighting Ceremony

Joe Vericker/Getty Images
Britney Spears at Rockefeller Center on December 1, 1999 During The Lighting Of The Tree. 

Allow old-school Britney Spears to get back on your radar.

The holiday kickoff is just a week away (we see you, Thanksgiving), so for this week's Throwback Thursday we're getting into the spirit and throwing things back 15 years, to the 1999 Rockefeller Center Tree Lighting Ceremony, with performances by a just-shy-of-her-18th-birthday Ms. Spears.

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Spears, donning all white, took to the stage (amid snow and freezing temperatures) to put her signature sultry spin on one of the least sexy songs of all time, "Silent Night." Close your eyes and picture Spears singing the Christmas classic. Know that whatever you're picturing, that's exactly how it played out. Come for the "all is br-ah-ee-ght" runs, stay for the beautiful recovery after a couple of near-lyric misses. It's holiday Britney, bitch. 

Sadly, this version was never officially released, so it's been unable to make its way onto your holiday playlist -- until now.

Having a "Gimme more" moment? Spears also had a quick costume change and performed her then-recent ballad "From the Bottom of My Broken Heart." You know she didn't stay in holy white for that jam -- she switched things up to her signature pink and also threw on some platform shoes. Happy 1999, everyone!