Jason Mraz, Live from the Artists Den

Jason Mraz, Live from the Artists Den video, 2014

Colin Young-Wolff

The singer surprised his fans with an intimate acoustic performance before his 'Live From the Artists Den' taping at UCLA

Be good to your superfans. That’s a lesson Jason Mraz doesn’t need to be taught. 

The singer and four members of L.A. folk-rock band Raining Jane recently surprised with an acoustic session on the terrace outside UCLA's Royce Hall -- to the delight of 30 fans who had waited hours to see him.

Mraz and his collaborators were on hand at the famous L.A. college campus to tape an episode of “Live from the Artists Den.” For the impromptu outdoors gig, Mraz and co. performed the new song "You Can Rely On Me." Watch the clip below:

The 1,700 fans who made their way into the main room for the taping of the TV special enjoyed renditions of old favorites such as "Hello, You Beautiful Thing" and "I Won't Give Up."

“Playing a show in an intimate concert venue like Royce Hall changes the entire dynamic of what we do," Mraz told Billboard. "The acoustic nature of YES! lends itself perfectly to a theater setting, and the ladies of Raining Jane and I couldn’t wait to play in such a historic venue, especially for Live From the Artists Den, which has a legacy all its own.”

Jason Mraz's 'YES!': Track-By-Track Review

The 10-song Artists Den set also featured a string of songs from YES!, Mraz’ fifth studio effort. "You Can Rely On Me" appears on YES!, which features performances from Raining Jane and was released in mid-July.

Fore air dates and more info on Jason Mraz's Live From the Artist Den special, go to artistsden.com/jasonmraz

Jason Mraz’ “Live from the Artists Den” Episode Song List:

1. "Hello, You Beautiful Thing"
2. "Lucky"
3. "93 Million Miles"
4. "Only Human"
5. "Love Someone"
6. "The Woman I Love"
7. "3 Things"
8. "Back To The Earth"
9. "I Won’t Give Up"
10. "I’m Yours"