Ed Sheeran's 'Sing' Video: The Great Muppet Bender

Watch Ed, Muppet Ed and Pharrell embark on a wild night out.

What does a folk-pop superstar like Ed Sheeran do when he wants to get wild in a music video -- pop bottles, visit the strip club, nuzzle up against some breasts -- without tainting his nice-guy image? Employ a Muppet lookalike to enjoy all the debauchery, of course! Check out the wacky "Sing" video, which premiered exclusively on Facebook on Thursday (May 22), below:


Muppet Ed is out for the night of his (Muppet) life, bringing his fuzzy red hair and leather jacket to bar after bar and picking up some blonde beauties on the way. The human Sheeran doesn't appear until the first chorus drops, and after the Muppet visits the strip club (and vomits confetti!), he stops by to pick up his human counterpart and the song's producer, Pharrell Williams. Then: karaoke, most likely on Avenue Q.

Ed Sheeran Un-Zipped: The Billboard Cover Story

"Sing" is the first single from Sheeran's sophomore album, "x," due out June 23. The track drops one spot to No. 16 on this week's Hot 100 chart.

Sheeran recently released the track "All Of The Stars," from the upcoming soundtrack to the film adaptation of "The Fault In Our Stars." Listen to the track below: