Ginger Spice, Chilli, Beyonce, Natalie Maines, Diana Ross

Ginger Spice, Chilli, Beyonce, Natalie Maines, Diana Ross

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The Billboard team conducted a fantasy draft of girl group members. Check out the full action below, and vote for your favorite dream team!

After the team conducted the first-ever Fantasy Boy Band Draft last summer in an effort to piece together the best five-person group of male musical artists, we realized that girl groups deserve the exact same treatment. After all, a fantasy draft can be a blast for sports fans who obsess over stats and team unity, but that format can also be translated from football to mainstream pop music. What would happen if the lineup were not based on male talent and leadership, but on female musicianship and choreography?

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POP SHOP HOMEPAGE is proud to unveil the 2014 Fantasy Girl Group Draft, the first edition of the Billboard team's undying effort to put together the ideal girl group. Earlier this week, eight members of the Billboard staff joined together to draft their own personal girl groups over five thrilling rounds. We captured every second of the action -- which you can read in full below -- and want to hear from the girl group fans themselves to see whose draft was the strongest. There were shocking choices, unbelievable sleepers in the last round and a debate over the eligibility of Fergie. We'd expect nothing less from the Fantasy Girl Group Draft!


-- Each team will select one member per round over the course of five rounds. This will be a "snake order" draft, so that the second round goes in reverse order as the first round (the player with the sixth pick will also get the seventh pick, and so on).

-- Girl group members are eligible as long as they once appeared in a girl group, meaning that members of defunct girl groups (i.e., Destiny's Child and Dream) can be drafted. 

-- All girl group members are drafted under the "heyday" rule, which means that players are drafting girl group members at the height of their performing powers, not as they are in 2014.

-- Girl group members that play instruments (i.e., Haim or the Donnas) are eligible to be drafted.

-- Following the draft, each participant will make the case as to why their completed girl group is the best!


Jason Lipshutz, associate editor and Pop Shop pop blog editor at
Erika Ramirez, associate editor and The Juice hip-hop blog editor at
Tye Comer, editor of
Amaya Mendizabal, Latin charts manager at Billboard
Brad Wete, features editor at
Chris Payne, editorial assistant at
Trish Halpin, web photo editor at
Tyler Bradley, social media editor at

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JASON: We've all drawn numbers out of a hat to determine the draft order. Erika has landed the coveted first pick, and after her is Chris, then Tye, then Tyler, then Brad, then Amaya, then Trish, and finally me. I have the last pick of the first round and the first pick of the second round.

And remember guys, no fighting. First pick is Erika.




ERIKA: Can you please just write down my No. 1 pick, which is, of course, Beyonce? I said if I didn't get the first pick, I'd walk out, so I guess I'm not walking out.

TYE: I call foul.

ERIKA: You cannot call foul! You know what it is? It's this Oprah Chai Tea. That's what helped me.

JASON: C-Payne, you're up.

CHRIS: If I can't have Beyonce, I'll take Diana Ross.

ERIKA: Good choice!

JASON: Some would say just as strong of a choice as Beyonce. Tye's up.

TYE: No question, I'm bringing Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes back.

ERIKA: I still don't agree that the deceased should be eligible in the fantasy draft.

TYE: Hey, if I have that option, I am definitely going with Left Eye.

TYLER: I'm up, no whammies, no whammies… I'm gonna have to stickwitu… and go with Nicole Scherzinger.


TYE: Damn, dude.

JASON: Out of every girl group member left on the board, you went with Nicole Scherzinger.

TYLER: I think it's because I listened to like 20 of their songs yesterday.

BRAD: Do they have 20 songs?

AMAYA: Hey, she has a couple singles…!

JASON: Brad, you're up.

BRAD: Patti LaBelle.

JASON: Patti Labelle! Someone picked Nicole Scherzinger before Patti LaBelle. The magic of the fantasy girl group draft.

ERIKA: It's the same person that didn't know that Kandi [Burruss] was part of Xscape.

TYLER: It's the generational gap, that's all.

AMAYA: I'm up. I'll go with… Mel B.! Scary Spice!

TYE: I had my eye on her.

JASON: Great choice. Trish?

TRISH: Give me Ginger Spice. She's the reason I wanted to do this.

TYLER: You're going to pick all redheads.

TRISH [a redhead]: It was a thought! That'd be the best.

JASON: Damn, I definitely had my eye on Geri Halliwell. Okay, I have two picks in a row. I'm going with Kelly Rowland.

TYE: Agh!

ERIKA: I wanted to get the whole Destiny's Child back together!

JASON: That was never going to happen.




JASON: For my second pick, I'm going Chilli.

BRAD: Ah man. That will get you every time.

TRISH: Okay, so question. Are these real-life girl groups, or fictional girl groups?

TYE: You cannot pick Jem of the Holograms.

TRISH: Why?! Or how about Josie, of Josie & The Pussycats?

JASON: Nope, no Josie. Or Rachel Leigh Cook, who played her in the movie.

TYE: This isn't "fantasy" enough for you, Trish?

TRISH: Well, I just thought, with the movie coming out and everyone talking about Jem… okay, okay. Now I'm not prepared. How about Fergie? She was in Wild Orchid.

JASON: I don't know if I can count Fergie…

TRISH: It's a real group! They were great!

(A minute-long debate about Wild Orchid ensues.)

JASON: I am going to count Fergie. Unbelievable turn of events. Amaya's turn.

AMAYA: I'll take T-Boz, please.

JASON: All three TLC members now off the board. Brad, you're up.

BRAD: Everybody's taking my choices! Give me Dawn Richard.

ERIKA: Jason, I'm surprised you didn't take her with one of your first picks.

JASON: Yeah, she was my sleeper pick, I should have grabbed her. I went with Chilli instead. So Tyler, you are up. Who are you pairing with Nicole Scherzinger?

TYLER: I'm taking Natalie Maines.

TYE: Solid pick.

TYLER: We'd all like to hear a girl group with Nicole Scherzinger and Natalie Maines.

TYE: I'm up, and since this is a fantasy draft, I would like to pick Belinda Carlisle circa 1981.

(Relative silence.)

TYE (indignant): Okay, that's a great, great pick, and the fact that no one in this room is responding makes me very sad. "We Got The Beat"! "Our Lips Are Sealed"! Go-Go's, man.

AMAYA: I have that vinyl!

CHRIS: Okay, I'm going to finish off the core Destiny's Child and scoop up Michelle Williams.

JASON: I like where Chris' head is -- he's got Diana Ross and now Michelle Williams. Very solid beginning. Erika, you're up with two picks in a row.

ERIKA: I am! I'm going to go with Pepa.

AMAYA: Nice.


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