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Mia Dyson, 'When We're Older': Exclusive Song Premiere

Mia Dyson
Kate Rentz

Australian singer-songwriter Mia Dyson will return with a new album this June, and the first taste of her fifth full-length is the captivating single "When We're Older." Listen to the song exclusively at below:

The singer, songwriter and guitarist has been a familiar at Australia's ARIA Awards ever since the 2003 release of her debut album "Cold Water." Now a resident of Los Angeles, Dyson recorded "When We're Older" and the rest of her as-yet-untitled next album in Ojai, Calif., with producers Pat Cupples and Erin "Syd" Sidney.

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"The song is looking down the road to being really old and how the world will perceive me at that point," says Dyson of the single. "The world seems to ignore people as they get older, but it doesn't have to be a dark, sad thing. There could be a freedom waiting for us, and I want to embrace the freedom that comes with getting older, celebrating the idea of growing older with the person I love, hoping our love lasts that long. Seeing the true beauty of the world and each other."

"When We're Older" will be available for purchase at iTunes on Friday (Mar. 7). Also, fans can pre-order Dyson's forthcoming album through the singer's PledgeMusic campaign.