There are lots of musical references to '80s rock sprinkled throughout the album – are you a fan of that particular era, and what are some songs or artists you like from that time if so?
Niall: I love that '80s rock vibe, I'm a massive Eagles fan. Love Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, The Who. 

You've been touring extensively here through 2013, and will hit stadiums next year. What do you like most about touring? What are some pre-show rituals you guys have before a show?

Harry: I think just being able to travel to all the different countries and cool cities is amazing, I mean who gets to do that?
Louis: This was our first world tour so we got to travel the world for the first time and see places that we never expected to go to. Nevermind having fans in — seeing different fans from around the world has been so special.

Zayn: We're all pretty chilled before a show, we'll put some music on in the dressing room and be a bit silly, make jokes, it's not a stressful environment!

Liam: The stadium tour is gonna be incredible! It will be our biggest crowd yet, we've got some big ideas for how it will all come together and we can't wait to hear the audience sing back the songs we wrote.
The documentary showed you guys finishing a show and spending the rest of the night in the studio, finishing this album. What was that process like?
Zayn: Yeah I mean we toured all year and had to find time to record the album. We had studios in the hotel rooms and recorded when we got back from the shows, it felt like we were doing something really exciting!
Louis: Yeah lots of late nights but well worth it. I'm really proud of what we've achieved this year, our fans are growing up with us and we hope they'll relate to the songs like we do.
What do you love most about your rabid fan base? The least?

Niall: Simple question. There's nothing to not like, our fans are THE best fans in the world.

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The MTV VMA award for Song of the Summer, while well-deserved, inspired a bit of backlash and audible "boo"s from parts of the crowd. Do you feel like 1D has something to prove with this album?
Harry: The award was fan-voted so we owe all the thanks to the fans. We always have something to prove and hope that the music will speak for itself.

Louis: Yes, the fans were amazing. There were millions of votes cast and they ultimately made the final decision.
How are you feeling about the future of the group at this point – have you all discussed a three-to-five-year plan at all?
Liam: We just love what we're doing right now, we've got no intention to change that.

Louis: Who knew we would be here three years ago? We're just going to focus on tomorrow and go from there.